About Magical Perfumes

Magical perfumes give you special abilities within the game. There are different fragrances to enhance whichever level of gameplay you'd like...from automatically entering you into events, to giving you extra stats. All perfumes last for one week.

Buying magical perfumes is easy! Simply select how many perfume vouchers you would like to purchase and check out with Paypal. Once your purchase is complete, you can visit the Inventory tab on your profile at any time and choose which perfume fragrances you would like to use.

Perfume Fragrances

Fragrance Description
Fashion Worker Automatic entry into Hot or Not
Diva Warrior Automatic entry into Random Battles
Guild Warrior Automatic entry into Random Guild Battles
Diva Blast Quick and easy access to send battle requests to multiple users
Diva Delight 10% chance of a coin with all regular battle wins
Diva Temptation Extra 20 style with all regular battle wins
Diva Nightshade Extra 3 style on shop sales
Diva Ignite Extra 5 style to your guild for every guild battle won
Diva Seduction 5 extra hotpoints with every Hot Or Not

Coming Soon

Welcome to the Loyalty Shop. You can cash in your hard-earned loyalty points, obtained from voting or upgrade purchases, in exchange for any of the items below!
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Lottery Ticket
1 perfume

Loyalty Points


10 Golden Tickets
1 perfume

Loyalty Points


25K Moolah
1 perfume

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25 Coins
1 perfume

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Diva Blast Perfume
1 perfume

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Diva Warrior Perfume
1 perfume

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