Terms of Service

When registering membership with Diva Chix, you are thereby agreeing with the following Terms and Conditions. Once registered you must accept and abide by these site rules. We do not have an age requirement, however our site is PG-13 and is targeted towards teens and adults. Minors under the age of 16 should have permission or be accompanied by an adult.

Content & Suitability

The use of questionable material such as sexual imagery, links, illegal activity, pornography, racism, etc are strictly prohibited and could result in expulsion from this site.

Member Posted Content

The utmost decorum is expected at all times in any of the site's community sections - sexually-orientated, indecent, offensive, lewd, harming, threatening, abusive, defaming, bullying behavior or material in any fashion by any one of our registered users will be dealt with very severely.

To falsely represent yourself as any other user or staff member is strictly forbidden. Stealing anyone's identity to harass, stalk or victimize in any way will result in expulsion from this site.

Posting content which you have no right to do so, spamming links to sites, using the site falsely for your own gain and anything which does not serve the purpose of being a member of Diva Chix.com are not allowed.

Registered Accounts

As the account holder, it is your obligation that no one can gain access to your account. Your account should not be used by any other member. You are responsible for your password at all times. Never give it out and make sure it is one which is safe and not your name, for example. Make sure whichever computer you use to always log out so no one can gain access this way. You are only allowed ONE account, any more will be considered as cheating along with giving out your password. If you find that your account has been hacked or any intrusions in any way please contact Administration immediately.

Administration reserve the right to terminate your account at any given time with or without reason. As the account holder it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed with all rules and guidelines whether forum or main site. Rules are updated regularly and should be checked upon frequently by the user. Failure to adhere to the rules will be punishable as per the rules you broke respectively.


We hold our users safety to the utmost importance. Our main aim is to provide a site which is friendly and safe. We have a large fully trained base of staff that handles their sections respectively. We advise that you do NOT give out any personal information for your own safety. This includes but is not limited to - phone number, address, email details or any other information that enables someone access to material that is deemed to be private. If you do give out this information, Diva Chix.com will not be held responsible for any repercussions.

Site Practice

We do not take lightly to cheating on our site; a Security Team is allocated solely for monitoring this kind of behaviour. Cheating can be classed in many forms. The following are all strictly forbidden: making more than one account, using family or friends accounts to benefit your game play, asking friends to vote for you in events, asking for other users' passwords, posting your opponent's name or score whilst still in battle, taking advantage of any loophole, influencing any of your events in any way, being part of any scam, bribing others, etc. If found doing so you will be either penalized depending on the extremity of the offence.

Create Your Own

By using the Create Your Own (CYO) feature, you agree that Diva Chix has the right to use the uploaded content for promotional purposes, as well as any external products Diva Chix may produce. You also agree that any items you upload are void of copyright issues. If you use another person's copyrighted material you are liable to legal action taken against you. We may at times be asked to remove items from the Diva Chix website which violate copyright and we will do so if this is proven and you will NOT be refunded for the creation of such items. You also agree that you will not steal another player's work. This includes downloading an item then uploading using the CYO feature and passing the work off as your own.


When signing up as a member you are agreeing to behave in accordance to the rules given and set to you by our Staff. Their job is to uphold a safe environment for our users. Any hindrance, badgering, victimization, blatant disrespect, site bashing, or refusal on your part to abide by what a member of staff has asked of you will result in appropriate action being taken, worse case scenario being banned from our site.

Paid Accounts and Upgrades

Paying customers will find their accounts credited immediately in most cases. The exception is when you are paying by e-check which can take up to 10 working days. Refunds are non-negotiable for any reason except at Administration's discretion in certain circumstances. If you find your account has been terminated down to failure on your part on not abiding by our sites rules you will not receive any refunds.

Conduct on 3rd Party Sites/Mediums

Generally, what you do on other websites and mediums is your own free will. The exception to this is users who engage in hate inciting or drama regarding Diva Chix on other mediums. This includes but is not limited to: Insulting other users or staff, verbally abusing or bullying users or staff. Posting slander/libel or otherwise unfactual slanderous/libeling material. Engaging in illegal activity. Using copyrighted materials which belong to Diva Chix - this includes violation of our trademark.

Mob Mentality

Do not gang up on people for their opinions. This includes those who have valid negative issues or opinions and also those with positive views, opinions and ideas.

Disruptive Behaviour

Those members who continually engage in drama, hate and generally upset other members of Diva Chix will be, in most cases, banned without receiving warnings or infractions. You agree to conduct yourself in a manner that does not upset others on the website.

Selling and Distribution

Selling or distributing merchandise in connection or relating to the Diva Chix brand without license is prohibited. Acting as an individual without obtaining permission or acting under any other name indirectly to benefit from the use of properties belonging to Diva Chix is also prohibited.

Changes to Terms of Service

Please note, Senior Management reserves the right to change/update these terms when they see fit. As a user of Diva Chix, it is your responsibility to keep yourself informed and up to date with all our sites rules. We take no responsibility if you fail to comply by them.


The only personal information collected from Diva Chix is your email address. We will never sell nor share this data with any other parties.