Stock Market

Welcome to the Diva Chix Stock Market. Here you can find detailed information about this feature.

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Stock Queen Upgrade

For starters, in order to buy or sell stock, you will need to purchase the Stock Queen upgrade. This can be purchased from the Coin Upgrade Center. This is a one time fee which will give you access to the Stock Market feature. You will still have to pay for each stock you purchase, as well as a small fee to hold onto the stock.

What are stocks

Stocks are basically an investment into user shops. If you own stock for a particular shop, you will reap benefits for each sale that shop makes.

How do I buy stock

There are several ways to obtain stock.

The Stock Broker gets 48 new stocks every Thursday at midnight. These 48 stocks are randomly chosen from the pool of active user shops. Active shops are defined as shops that made at least 5 sales the previous week. Although the Stock Broker has 48 stocks, she will only release 2 of them for sale at the top of every hour on Thursday. You can purchase up to 3 stocks from the Stock Broker each week.

The Stock Exchange is where stockholders can sell stocks that they own. You can buy stock from here any time.

The Stock Broker also hosts private sales every day. A private sale offering 1 - 4 stocks are presented to a random number of people who happen to be online at the time. Private sales occur at :30 every hour, every day, until the Stock Broker has no more private stocks to sell. If you are chosen for a private stock sale, you will be notifed via an alert.

You can make offers to any current stockholder by going to the shop you're interested in and clicking on the Stockholders button. From there you can make an offer for a stock that you'd like to have.

How much do stocks cost?

When first issued by the Stock Broker, the cost of a shop's stock depends on how many sales that shop does in a 1 week period (Thursday to Thursday). The stock price will be 1 coin per each sale made. For example, if a shop sold 100 items, then the price of the stock will be 100 coins.

It's also worth mentioning that "items sold" by a shop do not mean only items that were designed by that shop owner. Resale items count as sales as well.

At the Stock Exchange, stockholders sell their stock for whatever price they choose. You may get a good bargain here, or pay a little more to own stock in a top shop!


When you own stock in a shop, you will earn 5 style for every sale that shop makes each week. For example, if a shop makes 100 sales in 1 week (Thursday to Thursday), then you will earn 500 style. This style payment will be made every Thursday at midnight EST.

Stock Tax

Once you purchase a stock, you can own it for as long as you'd like. However, you must pay a 5 coin tax every week for each stock that you earn style from. This tax will be automatically deducted from your account every Thursday at midnight EST. If the funds are not available, your stock will be repossessed.

How much stock can I own?

You can only own 50 stocks, and you can only own one stock per shop.

What's in it for shop owners?

Having users invested into your shop is equivalent to having advocates who want you to succeed! They may wear more of your clothing in hopes that voters will buy pieces off of their Outfit Info, Or maybe they will find other creative methods to promote your shop. Also, having your stock out in the market pretty much guarantees traffic to your shop. Paticipants have reported increases in their sales.

If you're not convinced, you always have the option of opting out of the Stock Market. Simply go to My Shop and change your Stock setting.