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Hi divas, I've been away for a while due to 'real life' events lol, but I am back for now! SO lets battle !! :)
I am a Kardashian / Jenner Fan!
If you are too then follow me on twitter.

If you want to be my friend then just send me a request :)

As a voter there is nothing more annoying than 'speed voters' or voters who do not vote fairly as I always vote on the doll in which my opinion is the best. Just lately I think people are 'speed' voting more than accuracy voting. The whole aim of the game is to vote for the best doll as it's a 'battle' the aim is to win! Where has the aim of the game gone? What's the point in playing if it's not done right there is no fun if it's not a challenge! Just saying :)

Thanks for stopping by x

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Happy Birthday! Have a great one!

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!


happy bbirthday how ya been? hope all is well :) have a good one!

Happy Birthday! Hope your out enjoying it.:)

Hi! Stopped by to check out some of your doll album and to thank you for shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS! I do appreciate it! :)

Happy Birthday 2015!! :)
Carlie :D

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

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Hope your out enjoying a wonderful Birthday!

Here's wishing you and yours a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Hello, again! Glad you came back for more shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS!

Caught up on all your latest doll album entries! :)

Thank you lovely x