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  • Age: 31
  • Country: USA
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  • My Shop: Journey to the Past
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About Me
Hello everyone! I'm the same limeangel from the dollwar site. DivaChix is amazing! I absolutely love it. I was the first member of marea's guild "Groovylicious Divas" and worked real hard to make us number one but ended up leaving the site for a few years. I'm back now! Feel free to leave comments or add me as a friend. If my guestbook is full, you can send a message instead. Enjoy the site, have fun, and thanks for viewing my profile!!

Best Rank: 82
September 27, 2009

Best HoN:
May 18, 2020
Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 120 hotpoints, 130 moolah, 100 style and 2 coins. This includes a bonus of 50 hotpoints and 50 style because you were unanimously voted Hot! The final score was Hot: 65 | Not: 0.

May 17, 2010
DC Prom Voting Game
Congratulations! You have successfully found all of your items and are ready for Prom! You win 250,000 moolah, 100 coins, 2500 fame, 1000 hotpoints, and 500 style!

June 3 & 6, 2019
DC Prom Voting Game
Congratulations! You have successfully found all of your items and are ready for Prom! You win 500,000 moolah, 300 coins, 5000 fame, 2000 hotpoints, 1000 style and a perfume voucher!

October 12 & 24, 2018
Trick Or Treat Voting Game
Congratulations! You have successfully found all items! You win 500,000 moolah, 250 coins, 5000 fame, 1000 hotpoints, 500 style and 1 magical perfume voucher!

December 20, 2019
12 Days of Christmas Voting Game
Congratulations! You have successfully found all 12 Days of Christmas! You win 1,000,000 moolah, 250 coins, 5000 fame, 3000 hotpoints, 1500 style, and a magical perfume voucher!

Oct 13, 2018
Job Outcome
Congratulations! You completed a job. As a result you receive 8324 moolah, 5 coins and 94 style.

Guess The Age
You successfully guessed Snookys age as 34.
As a result 1,000 moolah has been credited to your account - well done!
Why not try again tomorrow?

May 23, 2014
2nd Place in Neat Freak Theme
Congrats! You won 2nd place in the Neat Freak theme. You have won 80,000 moolah and 40 coins for you and your guild.

May 26, 2014
3rd Place in Charm School Theme
Congrats! You won 3rd place in the Charm School theme. You have won 60,000 moolah and 30 coins for you and your guild.

Sep 08, 2014
1st Place in White After Labor Day Theme
Congrats! You won 1st place in the White After Labor Day theme. You have won 100,000 moolah and 50 coins for you and your guild.

Sep 11, 2014-2nd Place in Headband Hottie Theme
Sep 12, 2014-1st Place in Bubbles Theme
Sep 15, 2014-2nd Place in Victoria Secret Show Theme
Sep 16, 2014-3rd Place in Sleeves and Leaves Theme
Sep 19, 2014-3rd Place in If I Were President Theme
Sep 21, 2014-2nd Place in Stripe a Pose Theme
Sep 28, 2014-3rd Place in High-Waist Trends Theme
Sep 29, 2014-1st Place in Cyberpunk Theme
Oct 03 1st place in the A Visit To Dubai GOC
Feb 22, 2015-2nd Place in Love Me, Love Me Not Theme
Feb 26, 2015-2nd Place in Anything But Clothes Theme
Feb 28, 2015-1st Place in African Wedding Theme
Mar 06, 2015-3rd Place in Secret To Happiness Theme
May 03, 2015-3rd Place in Bad Luck Theme
May 07, 2015-3rd Place in Couch Potato Theme
May 13, 2015-1st Place in That Is What Men Are For Theme
Jun 04, 2015-1st Place in Comic Book Villains Theme
Jun 17, 2015-2nd Place in Oddball Theme
Jun 18, 2015-2nd Place in Too Cool To Be Hot Theme
Jun 19, 2015-1st Place in Met Gala Theme
Jun 22, 2015-2nd Place in The Longest Day Theme
Jul 08, 2015-1st Place in Blue Jeans and a T-Shirt Theme
Jul 11, 2015-3rd Place in The Circus Theme
Jul 12, 2015-1st Place in Favorite Summer Activity Theme
Jul 13, 2015-3rd Place in Streaked Hair Theme
Jul 19, 2015-1st Place in Dusk Theme
Jul 21, 2015-3rd Place in Autism Awareness Theme
Jul 23, 2015-1st Place in Red Carpet Faux Pas Theme
Jul 24, 2015-2nd Place in Summer Rain Theme
Jul 27, 2015-3rd Place in Voted Most Likely To Theme
Jul 28, 2015-3rd Place in DC Goes to Vegas Theme
Jul 29, 2015-3rd Place in Indie Goddess Theme
Jul 30, 2015-1st Place in House Work Is Never Done Theme
Jul 31, 2015-3rd Place in Island Getaway Theme
Aug 01, 2015-1st Place in Christmas in July Theme
Aug 02, 2015-1st Place in I Love Pinics Theme
Aug 03, 2015-3rd Place in Mythical Creatures Theme
Aug 20, 2015-3rd Place in Skirts Skirts SKIRTS Theme
Aug 22, 2015-1st Place in Back to School Theme
Aug 24, 2015-1st Place in Caked On Theme
Aug 27, 2015-3rd Place in Last Day On Earth Theme
Aug 30, 2015-3rd Place in Babysitter Theme
Aug 31, 2015-2nd Place in Paisley Theme
Sep 04, 2015-1st Place in Heels Or Flats Theme
Sep 06, 2015-2nd Place in Minimalist Theme
Sep 10, 2015-2nd Place in Take a Hike Theme
Sep 27, 2015-2nd Place in Football Season Theme
Dec 15, 2015-2nd Place in Shopping Crazy Theme
Dec 18, 2015-3rd Place in Sunday Best Theme
Mar 09, 2016-3rd Place in Club Hopper Theme
Mar 17, 2016-2nd Place in Breast Cancer Awareness Theme
Apr 08, 2016-1st Place in I Shaved My Hair Theme
Apr 13, 2016-2nd Place in Island Vacation Theme
Apr 20, 2016-2nd Place in Stand Up Against Domestic Abuse Theme
Apr 21, 2016-2nd Place in Wild Child Theme
Apr 22, 2016-2nd Place in Fashion As Art Theme
Apr 27, 2016-2nd Place in College Life Theme
Jan 26, 2017-3rd Place in Coffee Date Theme
Jan 27, 2017-3rd Place in Jezebel Theme
Feb 01, 2017-3rd Place in Happy Hippy Theme
Feb 04, 2017-1st Place in Baby Its Cold Outside Theme
Feb 08, 2017-2nd Place in Birds Theme
Mar 17, 2017-2nd Place in Lady In Black Theme
Mar 22, 2017-1st Place in Target Practice Theme
Mar 23, 2017-3rd Place in March Madness Theme
Mar 24, 2017-3rd Place in Toga Party Theme
Mar 25, 2017-2nd Place in Calendar Girls Theme
Mar 26, 2017-3rd Place in Downtown Abbey Theme
Mar 28, 2017-3rd Place in Get Inked Theme
Jun 06, 2018-1st Place in Sexy Clubwear Theme
Jun 23, 2018-3rd Place in Lady In Red Theme
Sep 26, 2018-1st Place in Passion For Purple Theme
Sep 30, 2018-1st Place in County Fair Theme
Oct 06, 2018-2nd Place in Art As Fashion Theme
Oct 10, 2018-2nd Place in Puppy Love Theme
Oct 26, 2018-2nd Place in Fantastical Theme
Nov 09, 2018-2nd Place in Ethnic Beauty Theme
Jan 08, 2019-1st Place in Vegas Showgirl Theme
Feb 08, 2019-1st Place in Silver and Gold Theme
Feb 09, 2019-3rd Place in The Great Gatsby Theme
Jun 26, 2019-3rd Place in Weekend Retreat Theme
Jun 28, 2019-1st Place in Short Hair Dont Care Theme
Aug 05, 2019-1st Place in Dog Lover Theme
Jan 06, 2020-3rd Place in Hello Yellow Theme
Jan 11, 2020-3rd Place in Skater Girl Theme
Jan 12, 2020-1st Place in Modern Day Cinderella Theme
Apr 16, 2020-1st Place in Bubblepalooza Theme
Apr 21, 2020-2nd Place in Pant Suits Theme

limeangel has been selected as FMOTW! She is a top scorer and contributes in all guild tasks! Keep up the great work Darling!
Posted by usagi on Apr 05, 2015

Congrats to limeangel who's been selected as this week's Featured Member!!
Posted by sherisboyz on Aug 25, 2015

Congrats to limeangel!! She has been selected at this week's FMOTW. Please join me in letting her know how much we appreciate all that she does for Little Darlings. Thanks, limeangel, we appreciate you!
Posted by sherisboyz on Jan 04, 2016

Let's all celebrate, limeangel, our FMOTW!! Thanks for all that you do. We appreciate it!!
Posted by sherisboyz on Mar 08, 2016

Please stop by and show some love to our FMOTW: limeangel!! We appreciate all that she does for our guild!
Posted by sherisboyz on Apr 26, 2016

Jun 23, 2019
Guild Alert
limeangel is this week's Featured Member! Congrats!

Apr 12, 2015
Sales Commission: IndiSkirtRO
You earned 25 style and 5 hotpoints because someone purchased IndiSkirtRO from your Outfit Info.

Jul 18, 2015-Sales Commission: vintage4
Aug 18, 2015-Sales Commission: lashes02
Nov 09, 2015-Sales Commission: Kitty - face
May 27, 2016-Sales Commission: Hurrem
May 29, 2016-Sales Commission: Scarlet face 2
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: Allure
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: Polly 7
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: f41
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: Mrs Claus 9
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: TAMMY DOVES WHITE
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: NoseSTUDPierce
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: mole
May 31, 2016-Sales Commission: f41 (twice in one day, WOW)
Dec 06, 2016-Sales Commission: Easter Bonnie 2
May 07, 2018-Sales Commission: pink livingroom sm
May 10, 2018-Sales Commission: Carnival 4
May 12, 2018-Sales Commission: Candy Bg 9
May 16, 2018-Sales Commission: CrystalEarSilk
Sep 30, 2018-Sales Commission: f41
Oct 20, 2018-Sales Commission: Zombie Girl
Oct 21, 2018-Sales Commission: Spooky bg 6
Oct 23, 2018-Sales Commission: hairremade2
Nov 05, 2018-Sales Commission: Jewel stud lwr lip
Nov 05, 2018-Sales Commission: Hair Style No3
Dec 09, 2018-Sales Commission: Kenzie 4
Dec 23, 2018-Sales Commission: Advent
May 26, 2019-Sales Commission: Ava Hair
May 26, 2019-Sales Commission: Baluster 20
May 30, 2019-Sales Commission: lips25
Jun 09, 2019-Sales Commission: SarahNecklaceIan
Jun 11, 2019-Sales Commission: Liu Bracelet (twice)
Jul 11, 2019-Sales Commission: 5 (twice)
Jul 11, 2019-Sales Commission: Shells in sand
Jul 11, 2019-Sales Commission: DOVES 2
Aug 13, 2019-Sales Commission: Eyes-EmeraldGrn
Aug 13, 2019-Sales Commission: ClassyNude
Sep 06, 2019-Sales Commission: winter120718a
Sep 13, 2019-Sales Commission: Raja Wntr3HW12
Sep 13, 2019-Sales Commission: Darling
Oct 08, 2019-Sales Commission: Solitude FNG5
Oct 13, 2019-Sales Commission: laughing
Nov 16, 2019-Sales Commission: GaGa Glasses
Dec 02, 2019-Sales Commission: Coco Claus D6
Dec 02, 2019-Sales Commission: WinterTime1 (twice)
Dec 27, 2019-Sales Commission: Audrey
Jan 13, 2020-Sales Commission: Round Glasses
Jan 22, 2020-Sales Commission: RSPS NY H11
Jan 22, 2020-Sales Commission: Boho Cardigan
Jan 22, 2020-Sales Commission: 18 indi boots
Jan 29, 2020-Sales Commission: Kobe prop
Apr 26, 2020-Sales Commission: Thermometer
Apr 27, 2020-Sales Commission: How U Doin Blk
Apr 28, 2020-Sales Commission: IndiHairUdo2
Apr 28, 2020-Sales Commission: Fun Separates ER12
Apr 30, 2020-Sales Commission: TAMMY HEART SILVER
Apr 30, 2020-Sales Commission: Micro Mini
Apr 30, 2020-Sales Commission: TAMMY LIZA RED
May 02, 2020-Sales Commission: StayHome (again on the 5th)
May 06, 2020-Sales Commission: Hayami Dr 10
May 09, 2020-Sales Commission: Glamour Girl

May 24, 2015-Won 1st giftcard from voting!! Woohoo
November 1, 2018-Won 4 gift cards while voting!!!! Yayyyy
June 19, 2019-Won 5 giftcards! Eeeek
July 27, 2019-Won 7 giftcards! OMG, HAPPY 11TH DC!!

Jun 21, 2015
Problem with GOC Entry
Your entry for Nature Lover theme was rejected. Reason: Reason for rejection: Entries cannot be naked above OR below, so sorry.


GOC entry
Dear limeangel,
You GOC entry for nature lover is deemed inappropriate as the private parts are showing. For nudity there is usually a fine, but as you may have thought the snake is enough of a cover, please consider this a warning. But if you repeat this, you will be fined.

I received those two messages about my GOC entry after the voting was over. I usually submit my entries days before the voting begins so I'm confused as to why I wasn't notified sooner so I could have changed my entry. Hmm, o well.

June 26, 2015
Diva Delight WHEEL: 10 percent chance of a coin with all regular battle wins for 1 week

July 24, 2015
cashed in 874 Golden Tickets
3,434,706 moolah, 841 coins, and 260,843 fame

December 31, 2016
cashed in 2016 Golden Tickets
7,732,880 moolah, 1,340 coins, and 559,339 fame

August 20, 2019
cashed in 815 Golden Tickets
2,757,762 moolah, 815 coins, and 249,113 fame

January 1, 2020
cashed in 2019 Golden Tickets
CONGRATULATIONS! You have won: 5,766,101 moolah, 1,757 coins, and 609,636 fame

Jul 27, 2015
Account Credit
Your account has been credited Moolah: 25000, Coins: 25, Credits: , Fame: 0, Style: 0, Hotpoints: 0, Perfumes: 0. Reason: How Much Did I Win At The Casino winner

Aug 03, 2015
stylitah has gifted you 75000 moolah, 75 coins, 0 loyalty points, and 0 perfume vouchers! Reason: 2nd Place on World Divas Dress-up (Women Warriors Competition) Theme Brazil.

Dec 10, 2018
Raffle Winner
Congrats! Your raffle ticket was pulled and you have won 4966 fame

Dec 24, 2018
Raffle Winner
Congrats! Your raffle ticket was pulled and you have won 25 coins

Dec 14, 2018
Raffle Winner
Congrats! Your raffle ticket was pulled and you have won 24975 moolah

May 3, 2018
8 votes for DOTD nomination. Never had that before so it was kind of exciting!
October 6, 2018
Top 6 DOTD (1st time and with only 5 votes)

September 24, 2018
Shop owner- Journey to the Past
Sep 25, 2018- first sale
Shop Sale: Kitty - face

Oct 07, 2018
Guild Update
bettygirl has made you the new overseer of the guild!

Oct 08, 2018
Guild Task Result
Congratulations. Your guild successfully completed your vote task where 6808 was required. 324 fame was credited to guild.
limeangel - 6808

Oct 09, 2018
Guild Task Result
Congratulations. Your guild successfully completed your battle task where 83 was required. 136 style was credited to guild.
limeangel - 50 
missbleed - 38

Oct 12, 2018
Guild Task Result
Congratulations. Your guild successfully completed your hotpoints task where 1098 was required. 84 hotpoints was credited to guild.
limeangel - 1152

Nov 08, 2018
Vote Ladder
Congratulations, you finished rank 7 in the Vote Ladder! Your winnings have been credited. Good luck in the next season.

Nov 22, 2018-Congratulations, you finished rank 3 in the Vote Ladder!
Jun 20, 2019-Congratulations, you finished rank 8 in the Vote Ladder!
Jun 27, 2019-Congratulations, you finished rank 2 in the Vote Ladder!
Aug 01, 2019-Congratulations, you finished rank 9 in the Vote Ladder!

Guild History
Groovylicious Divas later renamed Fabulosity-Joined November 23, 2008 and was removed after being inactive for a couple years when I became a mom.
Little Darlings-Invited by Bettygirl the day I logged back on and immediately joined on March 13, 2014. Was a member until it was deleted on May 12, 2019. Talk about heartbreaking to find out the guild you worked so hard for and even was an overseer was nomore after being away for about a month and a half. (May 24, 2019)
DUC Fab-Invited by annemarie and immediately joined on May 30, 2019. Loving this sisterhood so far!

Jun 24, 2019 (one day after I submitted it. Awesome!)
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Book Lovers as a GOC theme. This theme has been added to the schedule and you have received 500 fame.
Aug 03, 2019
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Baby Shower as a GOC theme.
Sep 16, 2019
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Blind As A Bat as a GOC theme.
Oct 27, 2019
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Bonfire Fun as a GOC theme.
Nov 21, 2019 (2 accepted in one day, eeeek)
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Mad Scientist as a GOC theme.
Thank you for suggesting If I Were A Fruit as a GOC theme.
Jan 13, 2020
GOC Theme Accepted
Thank you for suggesting Peppermint Patty as a GOC theme.

January 27, 2020
Purchased the profile video upgrade just to honor KOBE BRYANT!! Thank you sooooo much for your humanity. Forever in my heart. I love you! RIP BLACK MAMBA 1978-2020
Favorite Video
  • May 25   limeangel won a trophy for 2nd You Know You Like Me Prom.
  • May 23   limeangel won a giftcard for casting 2500 votes today.
  • May 23   limeangel won a giftcard for casting 2500 votes today.
  • May 19   limeangel won a giftcard for casting 2500 votes today.
  • May 18   limeangel won a giftcard for casting 2500 votes today.
  • May 18   limeangel has updated their profile.
  • May 14   limeangel won a giftcard for casting 2500 votes today.
  • May 10   limeangel has updated their profile.

All Caught up on your album :)

Thanks, you're so kind.

thank you so much

Thank you so much 4 the wishlist gift! It is MUCH appreciated :)!!

Just stopping by to catch up on your album. LOVE your current dolly! Hope you and baby are doing well!♥

Thanks for rating my divas! xoxo

Yay for you!! You've been chosen our FMOTW! Congrats and thanks. We appreciate you.

Thanks again for all that you do for our Guild. You have been chosen as this week's FMOTW! Congratulations!!

You're welcome, anything for a guild sister! Enjoy!

congrats on being featured member! :D

Congratulations!! You have been selected as our FMOTW!! You are a great contributor to the success of our guild and we appreciate all that you do!

Thank you for the gift! :D

Thank you :) and thanks for the gift too ,hugs

I rated your beautiful doll album!!

im going to put a few dresses in my shop for you for free, but im gonna wait until you message me and let me know your online so i can make sure you get them!! oh wait i can reserve them for you! gimme 5 min!

sending a friend request your way! im corrie btw,hit me up anytime :)

your entry for goc yesterday was hilarious! (what you wrote for the doll) great job :) its much better when people write something instead of leaving it blank! :)

It was a difference of .02 between me and you :P Could have went either way lol

But ty!

We sure presented with 1st and 2nd in shop theme and JLY winning 1st in the cyo!

Congrats on placing in GOC in the last couple ones :D

I can't wait to see your guild unity doll hun!

Oh, I saw this little green fairy yesterday while I was voting. I love her. She is unique. That is always a good thing in my book. I just stopped by to say "hi" and to thank you for all that you do to help make our guild a success. Your participation is appreciated!

I love your profile doll! You are nto scared to take risks and do things that others wouldn't!

I really like her, too! In fact, I had to go looking to find out who she belonged to after I saw her battling. Good job!!

Your diva is BOLD!

I hope others like your diva as much as I do!!!

welcome to little darlings! xo

Hello Images
Comment Graphics
Welcome to Little Darlings!

Hi Welcome to DivaChix!! I remember you from the Dollwar days. I am glad that you chose to be a member of Little Darlings. I look forward to getting to know you as a guild sister. Good Luck to you in all of your DC endeavors.

Welcome to little darlings! So glad that you have decided to join us!!!

Hi! I LOVE your diva!! It is so adorable!! Love it!! Have a great day!!

Hey Girl Hey! Just dropping some fame on your diva!

cute diva

love ur diva
have a groovylicious day!


tu est un diva tres belle! je peut parler au francais aussi, mea l'anglais est mon premier lange. je suis "sorry" si j'ais pas de bon grammar. on peut parler un temps;) non?

`•.¸.•´Lots of FAME for a GROOVYLICIOUS diva
¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•

You Are Either on the Bus
or off the Bus...Either Way You're FAMED!

Have A Groovlicious Day!

Your Guild Sista Kevonya

lots of good nice sexy fame for a hot diva************

SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!

thnkx for the cool post lol

__________$$$$$$$$Lots of Fame!$$$__$$$


Hey new Friend, thanks for accepting my friend request; you doll is absolutely Stunning!

Thank you sooooo much for your purchases from my shop! I really appreciate it! =]


Fame for a beautiful groovy diva




Wish you the best of luck in our battle!
AND all your upcoming events!

FAMED love*

Beautiful doll!

hey there my GROOVY sister..thx for accecpting my friend request and now that ur my friend here's a bit of FAME for ya!! gl in all your events..
have a GROOVYLICIOUS day too,

OMG, I Love your snake, absolutely fantastic! I Love your new Look!

Hey Sista!
Giving you fame and wishing you luck in our battle!
GL in your future events and keep up the awesome character!
I Luv your color combination. :]


Really good outfit!