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About Me
Welcome to my profile. My name is Liz.

I live in Florida in the USA, so my time is the same time zone as Site Time - EST (daylight savings).

I like the color blue, listening to music, reading books, and learning about animals.

Most of the items in my shop are mall edits. If you want something changed send me a message. I am not very good at matching exact colors or modifying clothes to fit a different pose yet, but we can try.

my cat
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  • Jan 28   fashionchallenged has won 2nd place in the Pony Tails, Pig Tails and Braids GOC.
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Beautiful Diva! :)

came by to drop off some fame !! (its been a while.) hope all is well !

Hey! Sorry i took a loooong break, nice coming back to all your messages though! How you are doing well! :D

Hi! I just rejoined the site and saw all the nice messages you've been leaving over the years. I hope you're doing well <3

Thank you! It’s so great to be back! I hope you’re doing well, the doll is gorgeous x

Lovely dolls in your album as always!

Hi I how do I make my album

Thank you for the kind welcome! Happy to be back :)

I love this doll! I really thought she would win DOTD ... but, oh well. :)

🌷 All caught up on your album 🌷

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my profile! Its been sooo long since I came on here, I missed it! How are you doing?

Thank you! :D

Hi.How are you?

Helloo :)

Congratulations on your wonderful DOTD, Liz! :)

Congrats on DOTD!


Congrats on lovely DOTD:)

Congrats on DOTD. she is stunning

Congratulations on your DOTD win!

Congrats DOTD

Congratulations on DOTD!

Congratulations on DOTD!

Congratulations on DOTD!

Congratulations on DOTD

Congrats on gorgeous DOTD, Liz :)

Yay Liz! Congrats on DOTD!

Congratulations DOTD!

Congratulations DOTD!

Congrats on DOTD!

Hi there! :)

hello! :) have a good weekend!


Hi !

Hi! :D

Hi !!

Hi back!! Enjoy the day.

Thank you Liz!!!♥♥

Thank you so much! Happy 2020!

Happy New Year



Thank you for gift!

Thanks for the gift, amiga!

I tried to message you I couldnt, am rank 6699, am I qualify for some free poses?

Your doll today is absolutely beautiful & totally DOTD-worthy! I also love your 'Vogue' doll :)!

I love this diva! She's beautiful! :)

Thank you for the gift.

Thanks for buying giftcards from my store.


Nice cat outfit!

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