Magical Perfumes

The perfumes below are more than just lovely fragrances. They have magical powers! When you buy a bottle, your diva will have special abilities within the game! Every bottle of perfume lasts for 7 days. You can purchase perfume vouchers, and select the bottles of perfumes that you want to use at any time.

Fashion Worker automatically enters you into Hot or Not all day, every day for a week!
Get tons of hotpoints and boost your rank without lifting a finger!
Diva Warrior automatically enters you into Random Battles every 15 minutes for an entire week! You can pause it if you'd like to change clothes in between.
Nonstop battling even when you're away!
Diva Blast allows you to quickly send battle requests to everyone in the battle lounge and all battling online users for one week.
Save time by sending out multiple battle requests with the click of a button.
Bundle Up instantly notifies you via pop up on the main site whenever a new CYO Bundle is for sale. This perfume lasts one week.
You no longer have to constantly refresh the bundle page...the bundles will come to you!
Diva Delight gives you 10% CHANCE OF A COIN with all REGULAR BATTLE wins for one week.
Get battling to win extra coins!
Diva Temptation gives you EXTRA 20 STYLE in all REGULAR BATTLE wins for one week.
Want to boost your stats? Aiming for that next tier? This perfume will help you do it!
Diva Nightshade gives you EXTRA 3 STYLE on shop SALES for one week.
Does your shop do a roaring trade? Maybe this one is for you!
Diva Ignite gives EXTRA 5 STYLE to your guild for every GUILD BATTLE win for one week.
Help your guild climb the ranks with this special guild perfume!
Diva Seduction gives 5 EXTRA HOT POINTS with every Hot or Not.
Get those hot points rolling in!