Hot Or Not

Welcome to the Hot Or Not event - the place where you get to find out if you got it or ya don't!

How It Works

You enter yourself into the Hot Or Not event and other players will vote your doll either HOT or NOT. At the end of the event your hot votes and note votes are subtracted from each other to leave you with a "hot score". Example: Hot votes: 10, Not votes: 2, Hot Score = 8. You receive 1 hotpoint for each hot score point (so in the example above you would receive +8 hotpoints). You also receive moolah, coins and style for doing well!

What You Earn

Please refer to the table below to see what you will earn.

Hot Score Hotpoints Moolah Coins Style
0 -10 0 0 0
1 to 15 1 to 10 2 x Hot Score +10 0 0
16+ 16+ 2 x Hot Score +10 0 +1 for each hot score over 16
30+ 30+ 2 x Hot Score +10 1 +1 for each hot score over 16

It costs 50 moolah to enter.
Upgraded accounts enter for free! Consider upgrading now.