Guild War XXXIII: Night in the Orient Prom

It's more than a's WAR!

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Rules to Enter

  1. You must be in a guild to enter. Once entered, you can only play for that guild, even if you leave the guild before Guild War is over.

  2. Unless specific rules are posted in the announcement thread, your outfits can be made of Shop, CYO, or both. Poses are permitted. It's pretty much anything goes as long as Diva Chix rules are not broken (ie, nudity, copyright infringement, etc)

  3. You are not to attempt to affect the outcome of Guild War. This means do not tell others which doll belongs to who, ask others to vote for a specific doll, or ask others to vote against a specific doll.

  4. All other DC rules apply.

How it Works

  • Guild members have until May 20 to enter their diva. Once entered, we will save your diva and you are free to change clothes and play as normal.
  • Beginning on May 21, all divas will be paired in 3 way battles with divas from opposing guilds.
  • Every day at 12 am EST, the current round ends and the diva with the lowest score from each battle is eliminated.
  • Also at 12 am EST, the remaining divas are paired for their next battle.
  • If the final few divas are from the same guild, they will have to battle each other for the ultimate prize.
  • Some rounds do not have enough contestants for everyone to be in a 3-way battle. If there are 2 divas remaining, they will battle each other but both will advance to the next round. If there is only one remaining, the user will receive a "bye" and not battle that round, but will still automatically advance to the next round.
  • Everyone is free to vote and will receive between 25 - 100 moolah and 0-1 coin(s).
  • Voting lasts for 24 hours for each battle.
  • If there are only 10 divas remaining, the bottom scorer will be eliminated and the top 9 scorers will go on to compete. They will be matched with no respect to guild.
  • Once there are only 6 divas remaining, the bottom 3 scorers will be eliminated and the top 3 scorers will compete in the final round.
  • The last diva standing wins! Prizes will also be given to 2nd and 3rd placers.


Each Round:
Everyone who advances a round gets 5 coins and 50 style
for themselves plus 25 coins and 100 style for their guild!

First Place (for diva and guild):
  • 10,000 style
  • 5,000 hotpoints
  • 10,000 fame
  • 250 coins
  • 3 million moolah
  • 5 magical perfume vouchers
  • Profile trophy

Second Place:
  • 2500 style
  • 1500 hotpoints
  • 5000 fame
  • 100 coins
  • 2 million moolah
  • 3 magical perfume vouchers
  • Profile trophy

Third Place:
  • 1500 style
  • 1000 hotpoints
  • 1000 fame
  • 50 coins
  • 1 million moolah
  • 1 magical perfume voucher
  • Profile trophy