How It Works

It's more than a's WAR!

This competition is only open to Guild members. Once entered, we will save your diva and you are free to change clothes and play as normal.

Once the competition starts, all divas will be paired in 3-way battles with divas from opposing guilds.

Every day at 12 am CST, the current round ends, the diva with the lowest score from each battle is eliminated, and the remaining divas are paired for their next battle.

Some rounds do not have enough contestants for everyone to be in a 3-way battle. If there are 2 divas remaining after everyone is paired, they will battle each other but both will advance to the next round. If there is only one remaining, the user will receive a "bye" and not battle that round, but will still automatically advance to the next round.

If there are only 10 divas remaining, the bottom scorer will be eliminated and the top 9 scorers will go on to compete. They will be matched with no respect to guild.

Once there are only 6 divas remaining, the bottom 3 scorers will be eliminated and the top 3 scorers will compete in the final round.

Everyone on the site is free to vote. Voting lasts for 24 hours for each battle.

After all the rounds are completed, the top 3 scorers and their guilds will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

The Prizes

  • 1st Place - 3 million moolah; 1000 coins; 10,000 style; 5,000 hotpoints; 10,000 fame; 10 magical perfume vouchers; and a trophy
  • 2nd Place - 2 million moolah; 750 coins; 2,500 style; 1,500 hotpoints; 5,000 fame; 7 magical perfume vouchers; and a trophy
  • 3rd Place - 1 million moolah; 500 coins; 1,500 style; 1,000 hotpoints; 1,000 fame; 5 magical perfume vouchers; and a trophy
Guild Total Entered Total Alive Total Eliminated
Immortal Elegance 4 0 4
Deviant Divas 1 0 1
Dress Up Challengers 3 0 3
Golden Girls 6 0 6
Devoted Stars 3 0 3
Natural Beauties 5 1 4
Fierce Sistas 6 0 6
Victorious Vixens 5 0 5
Serenity 1 0 1
Material Girls 1 0 1
EasyGoing Gals 1 0 1
Twisted Sisters 5 0 5
Supernovas 5 0 5