Guild Shop

Welcome to the Guilds Benefit Shop. Owners can choose to purchase a benefit for their guild from the options below.

Benefit Cards

Name: Voters Kiss
Benefit: 2 extra moolah for guild member when voting
Moolah: 15,000
Coins: 90
Name: Crimson Valley
Benefit: 3 extra guild fame from guild profile visits
Moolah: 20,000
Coins: 130
Name: Hand Of Diva
Benefit: 5 guild hotpoints for every guild battle won
Moolah: 50,000
Coins: 200
Name: Divine Right
Benefit: 10% chance of both the member AND your guild receiving a coin for every guild battle won!
Moolah: 400,000
Coins: 450
Name: Money Maker
Benefit: 1000 guild moolah for every guild battle accepted
Moolah: 10,000
Coins: 50
Name: Style Stimulus
Benefit: 5 guild style for every guild battle won
Moolah: 50,000
Coins: 200
Name: Fame & Fortune
Benefit: 15 guild fame and 2 guild coins for every guild task completed
Moolah: 150,000
Coins: 100
Name: Bingo Baby!
Benefit: Free bingo cards
Moolah: 300,000
Coins: 125
Name: Work Smarter
Benefit: Double credit during guild tasks
Moolah: 1,500,000
Coins: 2500
Name: Guild Secretary
Benefit: Automatically generates weekly activity reports on all guild members' guild activity.
Moolah: 5,000,000
Coins: 5000