I recently went back to Dunkin and called out the last two days at Popeyes because the manager at Dunkin offered me more money on the spot if I came in that day. How was I supposed to let that offer just go away?

But I feel bad emotionally about it. I still want to stay at Popeyes for now as well but I also want to be where the better pay is. Plus Dunkin is so much closer to me...

But I am feeling sad because Popeyes is like a family and I loved working with almost everyone and I am going to miss them.

Plus I am sad that I probably won't be able to go to the Popeyes Christmas party anymore.. .and now I dont have holidays off..

I'm just really worried that now that I don't work there, I am slowly going to lose touch with some of those people who I consider friends because they're all I had really..

I'm feeling like I am going to be all alone if this fails me.

I feel like I have let down the popeyes GM. It wasn't something I planned.

Yes, I applied.

But I never expected to hear back so soon.