This has been the best Christmas so far compared to the one from last year. I know gifts are not everything but this year, I have gotten a good set of gifts from friends and also little treats. I feel more in the spirit even if my grandfather isn't around.

Last night on Christmas Eve, I went to Ale house after working the morning to night shift on the Holiday. I went with my friend and we shared a pitcher of Mojito and I made sure to buy myself the expensive steak. It tasted just like the cheaper stake but it felt more special somehow. And then we went to my house where my friend gave me my gift.

This year I have gotten so many unicorn stuff. Everyone knows that I like unicorns.

Later this afternoon I will be going to my birth mother's and I am going to be spending Christmas over there with my siblings, their kids, my birth mother and her boyfriend. I am bringing McDonalds Cookies. ahaha. And gifts. I got them lots of gifts.

I am so excited.