I found out early this morning that a guy I went to high school with had passed away yesterday.

He and his friend were swimming in the river at a park and were swept off a waterfall by a strong current.
His body was found last night, they are still searching for his friend and I pray that they find him alive.
It's just so awful, I can't even imagine being the friends that were with them, watching helplessly as their friends were carried off.

He was a cool guy, funny, loved guitar and had a lovely singing voice + good taste in music, loved sports, loved God, loved to bug me and make me mad lol
And he was a very positive person, I truly never saw him without a huge smile on his face.

His death was just so unexpected, so sudden, so tragic.
I know it happens all the time but when it's someone you know, I guess it really just hits you.
He was only 19 and was so excited to become a firefighter and I'm sure he would have made a great one.

All his loved ones are in my prayers, I can't even begin to imagine how much they are hurting right now and I hope someday it can hurt at least a little bit less for them. He was very loved.
RIP buddy.
You'll be missed.

Sorry for having such a downer for a first proper blog post but it really does help me to write this down.