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Beauty Recs!

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  • Beauty Recs!

    Are you rather new to makeup (like myself), or super interested in experimenting and trying new beauty products? Found a product that's absolutely amazing, or one that is the absolute worst? Use a product that's a dupe for another? Do you want to share your experiences and opinions with others? Well, look no further!

    Note: This is all based upon the opinions of others! If something has worked for you, that didn't work for others, or vice versa, this is not in any way intended to make any feel bad, or the like; it's simply meant to be a space for friendly beauty recs. I also don't get paid or receive any payment for reviewing these products; this is all to help out other divas.

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    This section covers classic makeup products (foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, etc).
    If you're looking for beauty products that are not makeup (shampoos & conditioners, deodorants, face washes, etc.), check the next post!

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    Born This Way liquid foundation (Too Faced)
    - Pros:
    *Super natural coverage and easy application
    *Medium to full coverage
    *Oil free, lightweight, and moisturizing!
    *Buildable coverage

    - Cons:
    *If you have oily skin (like myself), you'll look like an oil slick in 4+ hours of wear, or sweat it all off
    *Very pricey compared to drugstore brands
    *Comes in an okay range of shades, but seemed to be lacking in either extreme in stores

    - Cost: $39 USD

    Where to Buy:
    Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, Too Faced's website

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    Where to Buy

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    Organic Wear FakeOut Mascara (Physician's Formula)
    - Pros:
    *Organic, never seemed to irritate my eyes
    *Drugstore price! *heart*
    *Longlasting, and rarely smudges after dried
    *Very subtle color, not too much volume (may be a con)

    - Cons:
    *Takes a while to dry, so it will transfer on your lid or undereye until then
    *Very subtle color, not too much volume (may be a pro)
    *Very thick wand, which makes it easier to accidentally transfer when applying to your lower lashes

    - Cost: ~$9.99 USD

    Where to Buy:
    CVS, Walmart, Ulta, Amazon, Physician Formula's website

    gifted Amazonian Clay smart mascara (tarte)
    *Great coverage, very deep shades
    *Glides onto lashes easily
    *Long, medium thickness wand, so not too difficult to get into the corners of your eyes

    *Formula is very thick, so it can sometimes go on very clumpy and thick (which may be a pro for some)
    *In my experience, it transferred rather easily from my lashes to my face. After a full day of wear, most if not all of it had rubbed off onto my under eye.
    *Medium range expensive; not the most expensive, but not the least expensive (may be a pro)

    -Cost: $21 USD

    Where to Buy
    Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, QVC,, tarte's website

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    Where to Buy

    Lip Products
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    Matte Liquid Lipstick (ColourPop)
    *Super vibrant color payoff
    *Long lasting (wore it to bed once and still had most of it on the next morning after a full day of wear)
    *Comes in lots of shades (naturals and statement colors)
    *Very inexpensive for the amount you get!
    *Quick drying liquid

    *Shipping took longer than expected
    *Not sold in stores (as far as I know)
    *Dries out your lips rather easily
    *Mixed results for drying time and completion (sometimes, parts stay sticky all day)

    -Cost: $6 USD

    Where to Buy:
    ColourPop's website

    Soft Matte Lip Cream (NYX)
    *Very nice range of shades (34, according to their website)
    *Being a cream, it was easier to stay in the lines of my lips
    *Very good color payoff that was bright and opaque
    *Very inexpensive and available at some drugstores

    *Being a cream, it was difficult getting all the product out the tube when it was running low
    *Doe foot applicator wasn't very precise all the time
    *Lasted an okay amount of time on the lips; would completely wipe off following food or drink
    *Like all mattes, was very drying
    *Being a cream, it sometimes took a while to go matte, but would eventually do so

    -Cost: $6 USD

    Where to Buy
    Walmart, Target, CVS, Ulta, NYX's website (maybe Walgreen's & Rite Aid? Need confirmation there.)

    ( Click to show/hide )
    Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer (Too Faced)
    *A little goes a long way; easy application
    *Works very well at keeping your eyeshadow in place most of the day, even with oily eyelids
    *Matte, sheer color
    *Doesn't take too long to dry and be ready for eyeshadow

    *Definitely not drugstore pricing
    *Will often settle if left unused for a few days (but can be mixed back together)

    -Cost: $20 USD

    Where to Buy:
    Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, Too Faced's website

    Photo Finish Primer Water (Smashbox)
    *Very light weight
    *Silicon, alcohol, and oil free; very gentle on the skin
    *If you keep it in the fridge in the summer, it's unbelievably refreshing to use during makeup application
    *Lasts quite a while
    *Serves multiple purposes; I use mine as a primer, setting spray, and to help just refresh my makeup throughout the day.

    *I've had people tell me it made their makeup application "SO much better" when used as a primer, but I honestly can't see the difference?
    *Rather expensive for a medium sized bottle
    *Stings SO much if you accidentally get it in your eye (not really a con, just my own stupidity)

    -Cost: $32 USD

    Where to Buy
    Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, Birchbox, Smashbox's website

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    Where to Buy

    Makeup Tools
    ( Click to show/hide )
    The Original Makeup Eraser
    *Unbelievably easy to use!
    *Uses no washes, cleansers, or anything; just water
    *Very gentle on the skin
    *Reusable and washable in a normal washer and dryer
    *Inexpensive, considering the amount of uses you can get out of it

    *If you're not a fan of stains, it can stain easily
    *If you use it daily, may need washing at least once a week
    *Recommended to still clean face following use, as some stubborn makeup may still be left behind

    -Cost: $18 - $20 USD

    Where to Buy:
    SO many places! Just Google the name and it will 100% pop-up!

    **So far, I've only put in the items that I use personally, because I never trust to recommend a product or beauty item until I've tried it myself! But if you have your own to add, please post below, and I'll update the information above!**
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    This section covers beauty products (shampoos & conditioners, deodorants, face washes, etc.).
    If you're looking for makeup products (foundations, lipsticks, mascaras, etc.), check the above post!

    Shampoos & Conditioners
    ( Click to show/hide )
    Brazilliant shampoo bar (LUSH)
    *Smells like oranges and sunshine; scent lasts nearly all day after wash
    *Nice, easy lather
    *Nicely moisturizing without weighing my hair down (as I have thin hair)
    *Easy to use without worrying about using too much or too little
    *Lasts a surprisingly long time for the size (I've had the one I have now since maybe January with ~3 uses a week, and it's still going strong!)
    *Claims to be natural; worker at the store said I could use it on my dog, but it's not necessarily recommended (don't worry, I didn't do it.)

    *Storage is an absolute pain. LUSH sells containers for the bars, but in my experience, they will get stuck in the container, and you may lose product trying to pry it back out. Can't store in the shower, as the water will make it dissolve away faster, or get soggy.
    *You must wait until it dries completely to store, otherwise, as mentioned above, it will stick, and you'll eventually lose product trying to retrieve it.
    *More expensive than drugstore brand shampoos, with less uses; can only be bought from a LUSH store or their website

    -Cost: $10.95 USD

    Where to Buy
    LUSH stores or LUSH's website

    Retread conditioner (LUSH)
    *Smells lovely; smell will last nearly all day
    *Very moisturizing, while sill rinsing out easily and cleanly
    *A little bit goes quite a long way, so it can last quite a while for its size
    *I can read and understand the majority of the ingredients on the packaging
    *LUSH has a policy that if you return 3-4 tubs, like the kind Retread comes in, you get a free product for helping recycle their packaging!

    *Very expensive for the size, even with how long it lasts (this is their most expensive product marketed as a conditioner)
    *If you have thin hair, you have to be rather careful with how much you use, or else your hair will be weighed down significantly
    *If you have oily hair, putting it anywhere near your scalp is a bad time

    -Cost: $31.95 USD

    Where to Buy
    LUSH stores or LUSH's website

    ( Click to show/hide )
    SURE Invisible Solid (SURE)
    *I sweat SO much, and this is the only women's deodorant that seems to help me out.
    *Rather nice scents, with an unscented kind available
    *Goes on nicely, doesn't crumble or transfer onto everything, everywhere

    *Not really any, that I've experienced!

    -Cost: ~$2.99 USD (6-pack for $13 USD on Amazon!)

    Where to Buy
    Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Amazon

    Face Washes
    ( Click to show/hide )
    Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towelettes (Burt's Bees)
    *Formula is really gentle on the face
    *Towelettes are soft, and a pretty good size
    *Convenient to use
    *Packaging has an actual lid, so your risk of accidentally drying them out is lower than with those sticker closures
    *Removes the majority of my makeup, or dirt and grime, from the day

    *Packaging claims to be natural, but the ingredients list has a handful of things I don't know and would need 5 tries to pronounce
    *Scent can be rather strong at times; may not be everyone's cup of tea
    *Leaves my face sticky sometimes, and, like any other makeup removing wipe, doesn't always make my face feel the cleanest
    *If you use more than 1 a day, the price may start to rack up

    -Cost: $6 USD

    Where to Buy
    Walmart, Target, Ulta, CVS, Walgreen's, Rite Aid, Burt's Bees website

    Moisturizers & Lotions
    ( Click to show/hide )
    Smooth Sensation body lotion (Nivea)
    *Very mild scent
    *Very thick lotion, but absorbs nicely after some rubbing in
    *Very moisturizing

    *If you're applying to any place on your body, your hands will be greasy for a while, unless you wash them off after application
    *Scent might kind of smell medicinal? But this one is entirely up to interpretation
    *Not the most inexpensive lotion, but not the most expensive, either

    -Cost: $6 - $7 USD

    Where to Buy
    SO many locations: most drugstores, Walmart, Target, some beauty suppliers (like Ulta), Amazon

    Hair Removal Products
    ( Click to show/hide )




    Where to Buy

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          Thanks for sharing! I love trying out new products from people's recommendations! I gotta say that the Makeup Eraser is an investment but I am tempted