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[Revamp] Lets Talk Ranks

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  • #46
    My rank should definitely not be as good as it is haha, I think starting over is a good idea.
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    • #47
      Originally posted by angieluvboo View Post
      Do you all mind if we start over with ranks?

      The problem is the ranks don't move enough. People leave for months/years and barely budge. I want to redo this and it will be easier if I scrap the current system altogether.

      Anyone have a strong objection?
      OMG I would be so happy about this! I've been a member for TEN years and I don't think I've ever got under 800! Also don't have any trophies! I know I've been on/off for a couple of years but didn't realise it'd be this difficult!! Hahaha, good shout Angie x
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      • #48
        I think starting over would be good , because also the people who are super active will get to the top too, but I’m also someone whose jumped on here and there too and my rank hasn’t moved much either so being an active player it is really hard to move up or gain trophies, cause I have been playing for 10 years with a 3 year break in between and never got under 500 ranking I finally just got under 1000.


        • #49
          I think starting over is a good idea. I feel like that would give a lot of users a reason to be more active! With the current system, it seems almost impossible to move up the ranks.

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          • #50
            A revamp would be good. I’m active daily. But stuck at the same rank now for what seems like the last two years or more. Sighs.


            • #51
              I would not object because I imagine that the people who have worked hard to get their rankings would regain them really quickly. Like [MENTION=3505]Vergina[/MENTION] mentioned it took her 10.5 years to get to #53. She worked really hard to get there......... but my goodness it took 10.5 years??? That's the thing that gets me. And I know she's not the only one that worked tirelessly for all these years. But in the revamp I hope she and others can get to where they were quick because they are such hard workers (I think this is where you may be going, Angie). Now........ I would understand that it may not be as easy to maintain the rank in the revamp. If a person goes on vaca it shouldn't drop hard, but if someone is gone for months and months.... I think it's fair that their rank drops harder than it does now.

              For me though, I've always been more of a battler than a voter (actually, I've dropped off considerably in both). I think those two should yield equal rewards so that if you prefer one over the other, you're not working harder for one over the other (hope that's not confusing). Not to sound mean, but after I've seen a chunk of dolls on the runway I start getting bored and then I'm voting out of obligation and not for the fun it all. It becomes more of a work feeling than relaxation and fun. Then, I feel like I've lost the purpose of why I came on in the first place. I would really like to see some changes on the runway so that people like me are motivated to vote more. I was wondering if GOC and the regular voting can be combined somehow.....
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              • #52
                Please fix ranks!

                I logged back in and looked at my friends list...There is someone that is in the top 20 but has not logged in for 2 years. I was away for months and I stayed under 700. That is not fair at all. This is the type of thing that made the game feel rigged and why my friends stopped playing (I know it's not but it felt that way)


                • #53
                  I wonder if there is some way to rework ranking so if users have been inactive for a certain period of time - say, three months - your rank is reset. This might help keep active users near the top. (I take pretty frequent breaks from the site, so this is coming from someone who doesn't play consistently.)
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                  • #54
                    I'm actually good with this idea. Like you can keep your moolah, coins, and upgrades but all other stats that effect rank are lost.

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                    • #55
                      Im a player who comes and goes every few years. This last time I was gone for a year and my rank only went up by like 100. I've been back for a little over a week and my rank has gone back down to where it was when i left. I'm perfectly fine starting over because i think it's time after so many years to have a fresh start. Part of the fun of the game early on for me, was trying to get a good rank. I probably will never see double digits but I've been content with being under 1000. Would love the opportunity to just start fresh though. Yes its lots of hard work that is going away but theres more room to grow.
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                      • #56
                        I have worked hard to get to my rank since coming back into the game. I don't think it would be fair for those off us who have worked hard to have to restart. However I would say this inactive accounts who haven't been on in about 6/7 months let say for example should be restarted that way the people who work hard like me and many others will move up the rank etc


                        • #57
                          I constantly come and go on this site. I love Divachix so much! My rank always goes up when I'm on hiatus. I've been working really hard now to get my rank down a little. I've been on Divachix for almost nine years. I also agree with everyone that said people who haven't been on for quite some time has the same rank. I think it's because they have a lot of fame, style, Hotpoint's, etc. The other day, I kept fluctuating between ranks 477-479. I would have my rank go up and someone who was below me hasn't logged in for a while. I'm happy to see that there are going to be changes on Divachix and I'm so excited.


                          • #58
                            I worked pretty hard to get the rank I am now. I wouldn't like having to start over.


                            • #59
                              think this is one of the topics tht interest me most
                              I still don't mind inactives and the inactive ones tht are above me, I know I was not active enough to be at their place in ranks.
                              I don't mind ranks starting over, but would not like loosing my overall stats, I would still like to know how much battles, style, hotpoints, perception, fame I accumulated in all these past years and from rank revamp on (similar to the overall battle stats I guess).
                              No idea if this is gonna be similar to when perception was implemented or something completely new, but as an idea:
                              same as voting was converted into perception, battling could be a base for a new parameter, talking about random battles. In my mind I see voting and battling as key activities, besides dressing up ofc

                              Thank you Laci 4 the fab avi+sig!