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  • Wardrobe Pages

    Because of your many requests, I've made the first attempt to add pages to the Wardrobe.


    It was really tricky to do with the scrolling in place.

    Please report any issues here.


    1.) You cannot scroll backwards unless that page was already loaded. For example, if you enter page 27 then you can only scroll from page 27 forward. If you want to go to page 26, then you'd need to manually enter 26 into the page numbers.

    2.) If you enter page 26 (for example) and you scroll down to page 30, you can scroll back up to the pages you've already loaded (e.g. 29, 28, 27, 26) however, the page number shown won't show that you've scrolled backwards, it will stay on page 30 until you scroll forward past 30.

    3.) When you scroll to the last page, you'll see it's the last page. However if you keep scrolling, it'll begin at the top with page 1.

    4.) Please don't ask me to put this anywhere else (shops, shop wizard) yet. I'd like to get all the kinks out here.

    Open to feedback, complaints, etc. This is a trial run so I'm willing to make it better, or at least try to (or even remove it if you all hate it)


    Originally posted by angieluvboo View Post
    Update: The arrows have been added.

    Please give me feedback on what you think about it now. Is this enough? Or is the no-scroll-backwards limitation a deal breaker?

  • #2
    Love having page numbers! Makes it so much easier and quicker when you have a large wardrobe!


    • #3
      Thank you Angie!


      • #4
        It is so nice to get to the middle or even end of my wardrobe! Love it!


        • #5
          For me personally, I don’t like how if you type in page 50 you can’t scroll back up to anything before that. BUT I do like how we can now jump to our older items.
          Bottom line, I’m happy with either method, infinite scroll or pages tbh


          • angieluvboo
            angieluvboo commented
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            do the page numbers make this better for you, Kayla?

        • #6
          Originally posted by neon_cookies View Post
          For me personally, I don’t like how if you type in page 50 you can’t scroll back up to anything before that. BUT I do like how we can now jump to our older items.
          Bottom line, I’m happy with either method, infinite scroll or pages tbh
          Kind of agree about not being able to go back because I often would go to say page 50 and then head back page by page. . . .just my weirdness I guess!:D I haven't noticed the page numbers but would so rather have them than the scrolling. Sometimes stuff just won't load for me after so much srolling but my wardrobe size is kind of out of control!lol

          Thought for a moment and realized I'll take whatever. Either way it's fine by me. Just not that big of a deal.


          • #7
            I prefer it-= now I just type the 2233 page. A bit of a nuisance no arrows (next page, previous page), but it's much,much better than endless scrolling.


            • #8
              I seem to be in the minority, but I don't care for page numbers and didn't miss them!
              So basically just hear to say I'm 500% in love with infinite scroll and have gone back to the beginning of time for some of my fav poses in shop search which I neverrrrrr would have had the patience to do with page numbers. Idk why I find it so much less overwhelming but I do haha. So no worries if you want to do both cause it seems that others are real big on page numbers. But pleeeeeaaaaasseeeeeeee don't take away my infinite scroll haha.


              • #9
                Sounds much better. I agree ,,its a really good idea,,thanks Angie!


                • #10
                  I like this idea! although I don't mind the infinite scroll it does tend to get slower and slower the farther I got into my closet. So being able to jUst jump to a page and go from there is nice. But I do agree with others not being able to jump to a page and then go backwards from that is kinda annoying, and not having back and forth arrows is kind of a nuisance as well.


                  • #11
                    I NEED THESE PAGE NUMBERS!! 🤣🤣
                    I appreciate you Angie for trying to compromise and give us everything we'd like even though it was tough for you to do♥♥
                    The little quirks don't bother me in the least. If I need to go back to a page previous to the one I input, I'll simply input the number I want.
                    This is just for me personally of course. Not dogging on the fact that it bugs others lol
                    Bottom line for me is that I truly missed the page numbers terribly and will take anything that brings part of that back.
                    I will say that I have no problems with the endless scrolling. It's intuitive and I do like it a lot. I just ALSO really, really like the page numbers!


                    • #12
                      This could be a bug I wanted to pass along. When scrolling through my wardrobe some items do not show unless I search by the designer name. For example, I was looking fir the Randi pose but could not find it, even though it was pretty close to the beginning of my wardrobe normally. I did a search for “body” seller “synoopie” and found them that way. This only works though if I know what items I’m missing. Another example is glasses, made by myself. I have in my wardrobe 4 sets of eyes in the Baek collection. My wardrobe only shows 2 when scrolling. If I search though for “glasses” seller “mara_vel” they are now there.


                      • mara_vel
                        mara_vel commented
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                        It seems like it’s items on what should be page 2? I have some items under scarf, designer divaesque and kelseh specifically that do not show up in the wardrobe unless I search by designer. I use these a lot so that’s how I actually know I’m missing them. I have no idea what other items should be there that just aren’t.

                      • angieluvboo
                        angieluvboo commented
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                        I thought I was going crazy! I couldn't see a scarf I had recently purchased! Will look into this closer tomorrow when my eyes aren't closing on me lol

                    • #13
                      Here are some SS, I hope this makes sense


                      • angieluvboo
                        angieluvboo commented
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                        thank you for screenshots!

                    • #14
                      Not sure if this glitch was previously reported in other threads, but I still seem to be having this issue where instead of showing me the rest of my items, the items start repeating and I have to reload, sometimes several times. Still seems to be happening with pages in place. However, when I go to a specific number, it does take me to the correct items. I started scrolling again though from the later page I loaded and the duplicates end up happening again after I keep scrolling. I think it could be an issue with the speed at which I'm scrolling. Seems sometimes when I scroll slower and give it time to load, it happens less frequently. Re the actual topic at hand of pages, I'm glad they were brought back. Makes it a lot easier to navigate. Thank you!


                      • psych0kinesis
                        psych0kinesis commented
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                        Nope, this is not # 3, typically it happens after a few pages whether I start scrolling from the beginning or jump to a random page. Thanks for looking into it!

                      • angieluvboo
                        angieluvboo commented
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                        is this still happening?

                      • psych0kinesis
                        psych0kinesis commented
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                        Checked mobile and desktop and everything seems to be working great. Some other positive feedback - I noticed last night I couldn't access some items (for example, a face I use pretty often, because the final page wasn't loading). I was able to search by seller no problem. However, I was looking for the perfect pair of boots last night and realized now that it's fixed that I had a bunch more boots than I thought, but some weren't showing up. I couldn't search by seller because the user's account no longer exists and there are no tags on the items. I noticed now that I have a pair of boots in a particular color that I couldn't see when looking last night. I'm also able to search by that user now. So that issue appears to be solved as well. Thanks so much! This is way easier to navigate now.

                        Maybe in some very future iteration, we can have a color picker that shows items with similar colors LOL. Just to deal with the headache that is having too many items with no tags. Or creating a field for color family that one would have to select when uploading a CYO item, that way the field can be incorporated in search/closet.
                        Last edited by psych0kinesis; 09-18-20, 02:52 PM.

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                      I didn't know till yesterday that a body was missing from my collection of poses. I had two Lily poses different tones. When I tried to search the shops to buy another one it wouldn't bring up that pose. I had to go to Marie's shop and buy one. But, just thought I'd say something. Plus, I still can't give a description in entering a GOC. Some really do need an explanation as say a recent one I got lot's of really low scores because people didn't understand what I meant. If I could have given a description I feel she would have done better. I have to click enter and then chase the dang box and it won't stop for a description. I can barely catch it to hit the enter button.

                      Edit: I just saw what Mara_vel wrote and I tried what she said she did and I still couldn't get the Lily pose and that includes the one I just bought. However the good news is that all the bodies are there you just can't search your closet or the shopping search.
                      Last edited by BlackPawZ; 09-15-20, 01:14 AM.


                      • angieluvboo
                        angieluvboo commented
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                        Shops have nothing to do with this feature. That sounds like a different issue. Mind adding it to the Help Desk so that it doesn't get lost in the shuffle?