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  • You are not allowed to ask for someone else's password, or give your password to anyone else. Protect your password as you would on any site. Diva Chix is not responsible for any damage to your account due to lost, stolen or shared passwords.
  • We strongly advise against all trading and/or begging and do not support the Gift feature being used in this manner. You are setting yourself up to potentially be scammed. If you fall victim to any sort of partnership/trading gone wrong, you are solely responsible - it will not be our responsibility and your stats/clothing will not be restored.
  • Do not partake in any scam activity such as sites offering free stats for Diva Chix. They are just after your password and account. You are responsible for your account at all times, if you become victim of one of these scams, we will not rectify the problem.
  • Advertising threads, shops, debates, cliques or anything else outside of member services or allocated places on the forum is considered spam and is not allowed.
  • Please type in English - the moderators need to be able to understand exactly what you are saying.
  • Do not spam the site. For those of you who do not know what spam is please read the following points:
    • Typing gibberish that makes no sense.
    • Constantly repeating messages.
    • Constantly repeating links.
  • Chain letters that contain false information are prohibited. You are not allowed to post these anywhere on the site or forum.
  • “I am leaving Diva Chix” threads are not allowed. This is because they are spam, and generally only for attention-seeking. If you are leaving DC, you may post that information on your profile.
  • Please respect the staff at all times. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with any given staff member please speak to their superior.
  • You are not allowed to imitate staff for any reason.
  • Please do not 'mini mod', this includes pretending to be a mod and enforcing rules.
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  • Strictly no links to inappropriate websites are allowed such as sites containing sexual, crude content/illegal activity.
  • Do not post any illegal content - such as, underage drinking, doing drugs, theft, etc.

  • Graphic or obscene sexual talk is prohibited. It is inappropriate and is not allowed here.
  • No sexual-related material of any sort (text, pics, music, etc)

Graphics & CYO
  • Do not claim other members’ CYO creations, edit and/or upload and sell them as your own.
  • Do not claim other members’ graphics as your own or use without crediting the creator (unless it is already tagged).
Event Rules

You are not allowed to:
  • Post info about a current event you are in. This includes posting your opponent's name, a description of the opponent doll, or the score of the event.
  • Ask people to specifically vote on your events.
  • Attempt in any way to influence the outcome of an event.
  • Cheat in anyway possible to win an event.
  • Use your name/username/guild name in events involving opponents.
  • Use family accounts to aid or advance you in any shape or form within the game.
  • Cast more than 75% negative votes in events to influence the outcome of the result.
  • Profanity is ok to use on Diva Chix, however it won't be tolerated when used against another member, speaking about another member, or towards staff. Stronger profanity (such as the f word and sexual slang) will automatically be bleeped out by our system, and must not be circumvented by typing the forbidden word in another manner.
  • For the sake of appearance, refrain from posting any profanity (even masked) in thread titles.
  • While it is ok to use profanity, we respectfully ask that you don't spam the site with excessive profanity just for the sake of doing so. If it looks extreme and excessive, the staff reserves the right to censor it.
Please note that each section of the forum has its own rules that you must adhere to. Check the section rules regularly,they can be found in the stickies in each section. (A sticky is a pinned thread at the top of each forum).

As the site progresses and new features are implemented, the senior management will update the rules as necessary.

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V6 CYO Zipping and Upload Tutorial

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  • V6 CYO Zipping and Upload Tutorial

    V6 CYO zipping and upload tutorial

    This tutorial will explain how to prepare your .zip file for upload, how the CYO feature works and how to upload an item or a collection to the site.

    First thing's first: you can find the CYO feature on the main site, left hand side toolbar, under Shop.
    Clicking on Create Your Own will take you to the following window:

    If this is your first time attempting CYO, please read through the Guidelines. Have a look at the Layer Info as well in order to familiarize yourself with layer order, costs and maximum file sizes.

    In order to upload items, you must add them to a .zip file (create an archive of your files/folders). A free .zip maker is 7zip (download here).
    However, not any .zip file will do. The file you submit must be a .zip file containing the items you want to upload, grouped in folders corresponding to their layer type. For the first couple of times and until you get used to it, we recommend downloading our template zip file by clicking the blue "template zip file" as highlighted below:

    This will prompt a download and you will be able to access and edit the .zip template. Once downloaded, it should look something like this:

    If you open the .zip template, you will see all the different layer types available on the website:

    Since I will be uploading only a dress and a handbag (as shown in the image below), I deleted all other layer folders.
    To do this, simply select the folders you don't need and press delete.

    The CYO template .zip will work just fine if you do the same, you don't have to keep all the layer folders in there.
    Just make sure to keep the folders for the layers you want to upload.

    Once your .zip template is tailored to your needs, it's time to add the items you want to upload to their corresponding folders. You can upload any number of items at the same time, irrespective of colors and layer types.
    Please note: you need to use a .zip file with folders irrespective of the number of items you want to upload. You will have to do the same for 1 or 100 items.

    For your .zip file to be accepted and upload as intended, it's very important that you add all layers of one particular type to its corresponding folder.
    For example, I added the dress I want to upload to the dresses folder and the bag to the handbags folder as shown below. If I had 10 dresses to upload, the process would be the same: I would add them all in the same "dresses" folder.
    Please note I'm working directly in the template .zip as highlighted by the folder path below, in both cases:

    Another way to do this is to simply create the .zip file yourself. You need to group your items in folders corresponding to the layer types. Once that's done, simply select the files you want to add to your .zip, right click and select "Send to compressed (zipped) folder". This will automatically create your archive.

    Please note that the folder names need to be identical to the layer names as they are written in the Layer Info part of the CYO section. For example: if you want to upload a new pose, you will add the bodies to a folder named "body", not "bodies", not "pose". If you use any other name for the "body" folder, the system will reject your .zip and you will not be able to upload it.

    Once your .zip is created, you can rename it as you see fit. The system will accept it even if it has a different name than "template_cyo".

    Ready? Okay, now let's head over to the Create Your Own section of the website. You need to scroll down until you get past the Guidelines and see the image below. In order to upload your .zip you need to do two things:
    1. check the box on the left, confirming that your items don't violate copyright laws
    2. choose the file you want to upload
    For number 2, click on Choose file and select the .zip file you want to upload. Once both steps above are complete, click on Next.

    The next thing you should see is the Collection Details screen as shown below.
    This screen will give you some important info regarding the cost of your upload (highlighted below).

    At this point you're able to do a couple of things:
    1. Name your collection - pretty self explanatory, whatever name you type in there will be automatically added to all the items you're uploading this time around
    2. Add Global Tags - whatever you type down in there will be associated to all the items you're uploading
    Quick tip: for global tags, try adding something that applies to the entire collection, like the pose name (July, Coco, etc.) and maybe the style of the collection (punk, princess, 80s, etc.). In order to add multiple tags, you simply need to separate them by a comma.

    Once you're done, click Next. You've reached the final and most important step, the Final Touches page!

    This is the place where you can edit each item as desired, but also edit some things in bulk.
    In case you want to skip the steps below, simply click on the "Scroll to bottom" button.

    The first thing you need to decide is whether you'd like to keep the items for yourself or if you want to add them to your shop.
    You can select one, both or none of the options:
    1. Add All to Wardrobe - will add all items to your wardrobe
    2. Make All Public In Shop - will add all items to your shop, available for everyone to buy
    The 2 tick boxes described above will apply to all items you're uploading. In case you want to keep some for yourself or reserve one or two items for a particular member, you can absolutely do so by editing each item.

    A few notes about what else can be done for each item:
    1. Item name: the system automatically names your item according to the collection name. In my case, "Juno heart". In order to distinguish one item from another, the system will also add the initial of the layer name (D for dresses in my case) and any number present in the file name (8 for me).
    2. Tags: the system will automatically add the global tags we talked about above to each item. You can, however, add or remove tags as you see fit.
    This would be a good place to add color names for example.
    3. You can choose what you want to do to each item individually by ticking Wardrobe and/or Public Shop.
    4. You can reserve an item for a particular user by typing down their name in the "Reserved for" box.
    You can also reserve an item for a different user than the one you've reserved another item for.
    5. In case you decide to add the item to your shop, you can also change the pricing.

    Once you're done with names, tagging, pricing and reserving, click "Finish".
    That's it! You've successfully uploaded your items to the site.

    In case you've opted for adding the items to your Wardrobe, they will show up, ready to wear as shown below:

    If you decided to add them to the shop as well, you'll probably see them in your shop as shown below:

    Quick tip: as of V6, items are associated. If you upload a collection consisting of 5 layers, in 5 colors each, the system will know which item matches with which, based on how you numbered them.
    For example: if you're looking into buying dress number 3, the system will show you other items numbered as 3 that are part of the same collection (same upload).
    In my case, since I uploaded dress8 and bag8, if I go to my shop and try on the red dress, the matching red bag will show up on the right hand side, under "Related Products".

    Difference between "Private" and "Reserved" items:
    Since the Warehouse has merged with the Shop, you will always see all uploaded items in your shop. The ones that are not available for everyone to buy, but rather uploaded for yourself will show up as Private (with a blue ribbon in the top left corner).
    However, this does not mean that they are "Reserved" for anyone, it simply means they are for your use only.

    Think of it this way:
    - if your item is Public, it's as if you were uploading it to your shop (in V5)
    - if your item is Private, it's as if you were uploading it to your old wardrobe and warehouse (in V5)

    In order for someone to be able to buy the item you reserved for them, it must be added to your shop for everyone to see (it must be uploaded as Public). If the item is reserved, anyone can see it and try it on, but it can only be bought by the user you reserved it for.
    However, if the item isn't uploaded as public, nobody except you can see it and thus buy it.

    Later update:

    If you'd like your items uploaded in numerical order (item1, item2 and so on), you need to add a 0 for items 1 to 9 (item01 instead of item1, item02 instead of item2, etc.).
    If you don't, your items will be uploaded as follows: item1, item10, item11, item2. etc.


    Any questions, please post them below. Happy uploading!😊
    Last edited by Zumzy; 08-03-20, 01:48 PM.

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    Thank you soooo much, Ami!!! 🙏🏾


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      I think I've pretty much got it..especially with Angie's help. ☺☺ But it's really nice to read it step by step in bless you Ami! lol 😁


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        one quick question on privatization and reservation. I have found that if I am reserving for a specific user, I still need to click the box at the top that says Make a Public All. Yesterday I was uploading just one dress, and I unchecked both top boxes, but then next to the dress itself, I selected that box that says Public Shop, then typed in the person’s name. Well they were unable to pick up the item because it was private. I reuploaded, this time clicking the top box Make Public All, ALSO clicking the Public All, then typing their name in reserve and voila, they could now see the dress for pick up! Not sure if this is a bug or if I’m even making any sense.


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          Just uploaded a tiny collection for my shop and wow oh wow oh wow I am soooo happy with how quick everything is! Saves so much time selecting a layer to upload and naming and tagging them one by one and then proceeding to do the same to another layer. It's like all my CYO upload dreams have come true!!!!

          THANK U ANGIE


          • neon_cookies
            neon_cookies commented
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            PREACH 🙌 I love how easy it is too ❤
            Also...just looked at your collection and it's so beautiful!!

          • pandaimeec
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            neon_cookies thank you so much! <3

          • rachel3
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            SO quick and easy and the related products feature is so cool!

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          Fabulously detailed and super helpful. Thank you!! 😘


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            thank you ami!!!


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              Originally posted by pandaimeec View Post
              Just uploaded a tiny collection for my shop and wow oh wow oh wow I am soooo happy with how quick everything is! Saves so much time selecting a layer to upload and naming and tagging them one by one and then proceeding to do the same to another layer. It's like all my CYO upload dreams have come true!!!!

              THANK U ANGIE
              I'm so glad to hear it's less tedious ❤️


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                Originally posted by angieluvboo View Post

                I'm so glad to hear it's less tedious ❤️
                Greatest thing since sliced bread!!!


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                  Such an Amazing tutorial!Your very descriptive with words and love how you used such great detail! Cant wait to try this....