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  • We strongly advise against all trading and/or begging and do not support the Gift feature being used in this manner. You are setting yourself up to potentially be scammed. If you fall victim to any sort of partnership/trading gone wrong, you are solely responsible - it will not be our responsibility and your stats/clothing will not be restored.
  • Do not partake in any scam activity such as sites offering free stats for Diva Chix. They are just after your password and account. You are responsible for your account at all times, if you become victim of one of these scams, we will not rectify the problem.
  • Advertising threads, shops, debates, cliques or anything else outside of member services or allocated places on the forum is considered spam and is not allowed.
  • Please type in English - the moderators need to be able to understand exactly what you are saying.
  • Do not spam the site. For those of you who do not know what spam is please read the following points:
    • Typing gibberish that makes no sense.
    • Constantly repeating messages.
    • Constantly repeating links.
  • Chain letters that contain false information are prohibited. You are not allowed to post these anywhere on the site or forum.
  • “I am leaving Diva Chix” threads are not allowed. This is because they are spam, and generally only for attention-seeking. If you are leaving DC, you may post that information on your profile.
  • Please respect the staff at all times. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with any given staff member please speak to their superior.
  • You are not allowed to imitate staff for any reason.
  • Please do not 'mini mod', this includes pretending to be a mod and enforcing rules.
  • For your own safety, please do not give out your last name, address, telephone number, school name, or any other personally identifiable information. Diva Chix will not be held accountable.
  • Strictly no links to inappropriate websites are allowed such as sites containing sexual, crude content/illegal activity.
  • Do not post any illegal content - such as, underage drinking, doing drugs, theft, etc.

  • Graphic or obscene sexual talk is prohibited. It is inappropriate and is not allowed here.
  • No sexual-related material of any sort (text, pics, music, etc)

Graphics & CYO
  • Do not claim other members’ CYO creations, edit and/or upload and sell them as your own.
  • Do not claim other members’ graphics as your own or use without crediting the creator (unless it is already tagged).
Event Rules

You are not allowed to:
  • Post info about a current event you are in. This includes posting your opponent's name, a description of the opponent doll, or the score of the event.
  • Ask people to specifically vote on your events.
  • Attempt in any way to influence the outcome of an event.
  • Cheat in anyway possible to win an event.
  • Use your name/username/guild name in events involving opponents.
  • Use family accounts to aid or advance you in any shape or form within the game.
  • Cast more than 75% negative votes in events to influence the outcome of the result.
  • Profanity is ok to use on Diva Chix, however it won't be tolerated when used against another member, speaking about another member, or towards staff. Stronger profanity (such as the f word and sexual slang) will automatically be bleeped out by our system, and must not be circumvented by typing the forbidden word in another manner.
  • For the sake of appearance, refrain from posting any profanity (even masked) in thread titles.
  • While it is ok to use profanity, we respectfully ask that you don't spam the site with excessive profanity just for the sake of doing so. If it looks extreme and excessive, the staff reserves the right to censor it.
Please note that each section of the forum has its own rules that you must adhere to. Check the section rules regularly,they can be found in the stickies in each section. (A sticky is a pinned thread at the top of each forum).

As the site progresses and new features are implemented, the senior management will update the rules as necessary.

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CYO - Having Trouble Uploading?

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  • CYO - Having Trouble Uploading?

    I want to do some testing with your files. If you're having trouble uploading, send me an email with your zip file at

    let's get this smoothed out!

  • #2
    Directing some users that I know have had trouble or errors to this thread.


    • #3
      i've been emailing angie about this, but i thought i'd share:

      for some reason it works on my macbook, ipad, and android phone but not my windows pc. tried clearing browser data, cookies, etc. but to no avail. 🤔
      maybe if you're desperate to upload stuff, try using your phone or something lol


      • azure
        azure commented
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        Same here. It seems to be Windows related. Glad my phone works! :)

    • #4
      Hi i sent you a file


      • #5
        So I have a confusing problem. I tried to upload background.
        "263.jpg is of an invalid type. Backgrounds can be png, jpg, or gif"
        I converted to png and have the same message
        "263.png is of an invalid type. Backgrounds can be png, jpg, or gif."
        (PC, windows 10, gimp.)


        • angieluvboo
          angieluvboo commented
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          can you email it to me please?

        • mara_vel
          mara_vel commented
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          So from what I gather, your file name has to match the layer. 263 is not a valid layer name , the layer is “backgrounds”. So you would have to name your file “background263”. I found that out w a dress, I had the file named after the collection name, when it needed to just be named “dress1”- am I getting that right, Angie?

        • angieluvboo
          angieluvboo commented
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          filename can be anything. what's important is the folder name. think about it this way "how will the site know this is a dress? oh I have to put it in a dresses folder so they know which layer this file belongs on"

      • #6
        So Angie, would you be able to share some common errors you’re seeing? Maybe that will help others understand where they are going wrong too. Like is it double zipping, or just incorrect file names?


        • angieluvboo
          angieluvboo commented
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          most of the issues were site issues I had to fix. the only mistakes I saw were trying to include zips within zips, or not naming the layer directly EXACTLY as the demonstrates.

      • #7
        When we try to upload backgrounds we get the message that the files are not of the correct file type. I tried jpg, png and gif


        • #8
          Background uploads now fixed. Sorry about that yall


          • #9
            The CYO section says I should name a file f.e. backgrounds\mybackgrounds1 but windows 10 won't allow me to use \ in a file name. How to fix this?


            • angieluvboo
              angieluvboo commented
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              no, that's folder slash filename. so filename is just mybackgrounds1.jpg and folder name is backgrounds

          • #10
            Posting for xocrazybeautiful

            Aug 04, 2020 06:46:19 PM CT Aug 04, 2020
            Every time I click a post in the forum, it takes forever to load, or it stops loading.
            I use chrome. And the shop problem is I just wanted to delete the "Winter Romance" stuff out,
            until I was ready to upload it. Accidentally hit public not realizing.

            edit Liz: trying a few things out to fix the forum issue, thought since the other was a CYO issue, although not exactly an upload issue, I would put it here.
            Last edited by fashionchallenged; 08-05-20, 12:54 AM.


            • #11
              According to what criteria are things loaded in the shop? It is upsetting that I have such a mess with new items- I thought that since there are directories in zip, they would be loaded sequentially by layers and numbers- but no, I got everything mixed up, neither by layer nor by number. In the "search shops" there is one order- but in the shop, it's a tragedy! I have shoes05, dress07, handbag08, scarve02 and a shoes again... There is no order or logic in it at all.
              Why is this ordered in "search shops" but not in my shop?
              I preferred to upload one by one before, there was order in the store, items were displayed in the order I chose. And it looks like I will have to pack and upload each item separately and it will take more time than before. It's very frustrating.😭
              How can I fix it? Is it really the only way to zip each single item separately?


              • Zumzy
                Zumzy commented
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                It's not you, the same thing happens to me as well. Angie mentioned that she will look into it. 😉