What are Guild Outfit Challenges (GOC)?

GOC (formerly known as Weekly Outfit Challenge or WOC) are theme-based dress up challenges for Guild members. They are run on a daily basis.
You can find all of the information, rules and prizes for GOC when entering your doll into a theme- Click HERE, and then choose a theme to enter to see the regulations.

To find the Guild Outfit Challenges, click on the Guilds tab on the mainsite and select GUILD OUTFIT CHALLENGE.

This will open up the Guild Outfit Challenge page showing today's entries and theme, the current leader board, upcoming themes and the previous season winners.

The upcoming themes list shows the themes for the next 9 days, their deadlines to enter and the date you are able to vote on them. You can suggest your own GOC theme by clicking on the Suggest a Theme button. Also, there is a GOC Chit Chat link where members can chat away about anything GOC related on the forums.

How to save your GOC doll:
Your current wardrobe doll will always be the one entered into Guild Outfit Challenges. Entering your wardrobe doll into a GOC will not alter your profile doll at all. You can enter from either the GOC page, or directly from your wardrobe.

To enter from the GOC page:
After your wardrobe doll is ready, navigate to the GOC page as explained above and click on the Upcoming Theme you wish to enter.

You will now see all of the rules/regulations, how it works, prizes and your doll at the bottom.

Read and follow ALL the rules.

Read "How it Works" before entering:

The doll shown below the prizes is your wardrobe doll and is the doll that will be entered. You can go back to your wardrobe to change it anytime before you press the Submit button. Now you can enter a description of your divas' outfit if you like. The category that your diva will be entered in (CYO or Shop) will appear automatically.

Click Submit. You will see this message.

Your doll has been entered into the designated event. If you now view the GOC page, a check mark will appear by the GOC theme you've entered. The check mark verifies your entry! You may re-enter the same event until the deadline by repeating the above process. If you re-enter, then your new entry will replace your old entry. You are free to enter any of the upcoming themes at anytime before their respective deadlines.

You can also get to the GOC page to enter from your wardrobe.
Head to your wardrobe and dress your doll how you like. Then, underneath your doll, there is a drop down list, "Save Doll". Make sure that "GOC" is selected from the list, and click on 'Save Doll'. It will then take you to the Guild Outfit Challenge page where you would proceed entering using the steps above.

How to vote on GOC:
Voting on the GOC entries is simple, fun and you will receive 25 moolah for each GOC entry you vote on and also a chance of receiving a coin.

To vote on the current GOC themes:
You can vote by going back to through the Guilds dropdown OR you can access voting through the Activities tab:

When you vote, vote fairly. Make sure the entry fits the theme. GOC voting is monitored by the Security Team. Those found to be abusing the voting system are subject to a warning, a fine and possible disqualification.
Read the description if there is one there as it will often describe the outfit.
Rate the entry with the numbers in the stars based on how much the entry fits the theme. 1 is the lowest score you can give while 5 is the highest.
25 moolah and possibly a coin will be credited to your account and the next entry will appear for you to cast your vote.

To view the Leaderboard and Last Season's Winners:
Look to the right of the diva pictured and you will see the current week's Leaderboard. Under that is Last Season's Winners.

You can view the previous theme's winners by clicking on "Yesterday's results."

You will then be led to a new page showcasing the winners along with their guild's name, scores, and entry description.

You can see how your current entry is doing by going to My Accounts and clicking on My Events.

Prizes for GOC are as follows: