What is a Timestamp?
A timestamp is series of numbers "tagged" onto your CYO item once you have uploaded it to your wardrobe/warehouse. It is very IMPORTANT that you save the timestamps for everything you create once you have uploaded it.

What does a timestamp look like?
The format for a timestamp is:

The part in upper case will be item specific. The file extension might be different for backgrounds. And older timestamps may have a slightly different format.

What are they used for?
Timestamps are used to identify who uploaded that particular CYO first, and is often used as evidence when claims of CYO theft are being investigated by the Security Team.

How do I get my timestamp?

1) For Wardrobe v3:
Go to the My Account menu tab at the top of the page. Then select Wardrobe from the drop down menu. Find the item you need the timestamp for.

You will have to include the timestamp, the layer the item is loaded on, the designer name and a screenshot of the item in your report.

1a) To get the timestamp, right click on the item.
If right click does not bring up the menu shown below, you might be in v2 of the Wardrobe and you will need to switch to v3 (see the Wardrobe tutorial or the Game Settings tutorial to see which version you are in or how to switch to v3). (If you cannot do a right click in your Wardrobe or switch to v3, you will need to go to your Warehouse for your items, proceed to step 2 to see how to obtain the timestamp from your Warehouse.)
Select timestamp from the list. Double click on the timestamp, then right click and select copy.

**If Security needs the entire link from you, the item designer will have to go to their Warehouse to obtain it.

1b) To get the layer the item is loaded on, hover your cursor over the item and you will be shown the layer.

1c) The designer name is below the item in your wardrobe.

2) For Warehouse:
Once you have uploaded your CYO item, go to the My Account menu tab at the top of the page. Then select My Warehouse from the drop down menu.

Right click the CYO item you want to find the timestamp for. After copying the URL (that contains the timestamp) for your browser below, you will need to paste the whole link into your report for the Security Team.

In Internet Explorer (IE), select Properties and then select and copy the URL from the Properties window.

In Firefox, select Properties and then select Copy Image Location.

In Chrome, select Copy Image URL.

In EDGE, select "Save picture as"

Copy the highlighted filename and take note of the file type it is saved as. (Do not click save unless you want to download the image again and you want it in that file location.)

It is very important you keep the timestamps for your items. Especially if you sold the item and deleted the item from your warehouse. Copy the timestamp some place where you will be able to find it later. You can save the timestamps in a spreadsheet, text file, or however you find useful and can locate later. If you need to report that someone has stolen your design you will need the full timestamp URL of your original upload. If you do not have the timestamp and the item is no longer in your wardrobe, shop, or warehouse, you will need to find a person who currently has that item in order to get the timestamp to report it.

How do report a CYO offense?
Report CYO offenses HERE, Please read the Rules & Reporting Guidelines for that section before reporting an offense. You will need screenshots, timestamps, and URLs for both the original item and the stolen copy.

If you need help with taking a screenshot click here.