If you ever need a second opinion about your outfit, the Outfit Feedback Event is the perfect place to go. This is an event which allows other members of Diva Chix to express their views about your outfit.

Please note it costs 150 moolah to enter Outfit Feedback and there is no prize gained from entering this event.

To enter, go to Activities-Outfit Feedback:

You will then be redirected to this page:

And you need to click on Enter Now in order to participate.

This message will then appear, confirming you are now in the Outfit Feedback Event:

You can keep track of your progress by going to My Account-My Events:

It will be near the bottom of the page:

When your Outfit Feedback event is over, you will receive an alert with your final outcome.

Click View to see the details.

How to vote on Outfit Feedback events:

Besides being able to participate in this kind of event,you can also be the one that's expressing an opinion.
When you are voting on the events and come across a Outfit Feedback event, all you do is click the button(s) that best describes the diva's outfit, in your opinion.
Once you have made your selection, click VOTE:

Good Luck!