How do I know I have a battle request?

Look up at the top of the page on the main site, right below the dropdown bar. Every time a user sends you a battle request (regular or guild), you will notice the number under Battle Requests will change to 1, 2, 3 - depending on how many you have; or 0 if you have none.

You can look at the requests you have, by clicking on the shown numbers.

Once you do that, you will be redirected to a page where you can see who sent you the battle request(s).

How do I decline or accept a battle?

Once redirected to the battle requests page, you will see two columns, one for regular battle requests, and another for guild battle requests.

Decide what action you would like to take and then press the correct button. You can also click accept all or decline all.

If you accept, the opponent will be notified, moolah will be taken from your account and the battle will begin. If you decline, the opponent will likewise receive a notification that you would not like to battle.

You can also cancel the battle requests you have sent in this page by clicking on "Cancel" or "Cancel Sent".
If you would like to view all the events you have going on, click on 'My Account' at the top of your page. Then click on 'My Events'.

You will then be brought to a page show all the events you have in progress.

  • You can view how many Doll of the Day (DOTD) votes you have. Read more about Doll of the Day HERE.
  • You can view your current Hot Or Not (HON) score and the time remaining. Read more on Hot or Not HERE.
  • All of your "in progress" Battles and Guild Battles (if applicable) are listed.[/B]
    - You can see the amount of votes and remaining time for each battle.
    - You can click on any of the "View" links to look at the doll you are battling for that particular event (must allow pop-ups to see, or it may open in a new tab).
  • Guild Tasks - If you are in a guild that has tasks running, they will be listed. For more information on Guild Tasks, please click HERE.
  • Guild Outfit Challenge (GOC) - If you have an entry in the current days GOC, your current score will be shown here. For more information on the Guild Outfit Challenge, please click HERE.
  • Auctions - If you are bidding on or running any auctions, they will be shown here. For more information on Auctions, please click HERE.
  • Jobs - If you have any jobs in progress, the will be shown also. For more information on Jobs, please click HERE.

Want to know how your events turned out? Check your alerts!
The Event Tab, under Alerts, will itemize all your event results:

When you click View, then the actual results will be visible on your screen:

Good Luck!:)