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Diva Chix Rules

General Rules
  • Familiarize yourself with the Terms Of Service.
  • You are only allowed to have ONE account per member. If you are banned from Diva Chix, you are not allowed to make a new account. That one will just be banned as well.
  • You are not allowed to bully, defame, distress, abuse, harass, stalk, or threaten members. This includes via guestbooks, messaging, private messages, forums, your own profile or any other method.
  • You are not allowed to ask for someone else's password, or give your password to anyone else. Protect your password as you would on any site. Diva Chix is not responsible for any damage to your account due to lost, stolen or shared passwords.
  • We strongly advise against all trading and/or begging and do not support the Gift feature being used in this manner. You are setting yourself up to potentially be scammed. If you fall victim to any sort of partnership/trading gone wrong, you are solely responsible - it will not be our responsibility and your stats/clothing will not be restored.
  • Do not partake in any scam activity such as sites offering free stats for Diva Chix. They are just after your password and account. You are responsible for your account at all times, if you become victim of one of these scams, we will not rectify the problem.
  • Advertising threads, shops, debates, cliques or anything else outside of member services or allocated places on the forum is considered spam and is not allowed.
  • Please type in English - the moderators need to be able to understand exactly what you are saying.
  • Do not spam the site. For those of you who do not know what spam is please read the following points:
    • Typing gibberish that makes no sense.
    • Constantly repeating messages.
    • Constantly repeating links.
  • Chain letters that contain false information are prohibited. You are not allowed to post these anywhere on the site or forum.
  • “I am leaving Diva Chix” threads are not allowed. This is because they are spam, and generally only for attention-seeking. If you are leaving DC, you may post that information on your profile.
  • Please respect the staff at all times. Insubordination will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with any given staff member please speak to their superior.
  • You are not allowed to imitate staff for any reason.
  • Please do not 'mini mod', this includes pretending to be a mod and enforcing rules.
  • For your own safety, please do not give out your last name, address, telephone number, school name, or any other personally identifiable information. Diva Chix will not be held accountable.
  • Strictly no links to inappropriate websites are allowed such as sites containing sexual, crude content/illegal activity.
  • Do not post any illegal content - such as, underage drinking, doing drugs, theft, etc.

  • Graphic or obscene sexual talk is prohibited. It is inappropriate and is not allowed here.
  • No sexual-related material of any sort (text, pics, music, etc)

Graphics & CYO
  • Do not claim other members’ CYO creations, edit and/or upload and sell them as your own.
  • Do not claim other members’ graphics as your own or use without crediting the creator (unless it is already tagged).
Event Rules

You are not allowed to:
  • Post info about a current event you are in. This includes posting your opponent's name, a description of the opponent doll, or the score of the event.
  • Ask people to specifically vote on your events.
  • Attempt in any way to influence the outcome of an event.
  • Cheat in anyway possible to win an event.
  • Use your name/username/guild name in events involving opponents.
  • Use family accounts to aid or advance you in any shape or form within the game.
  • Cast more than 75% negative votes in events to influence the outcome of the result.
  • Profanity is ok to use on Diva Chix, however it won't be tolerated when used against another member, speaking about another member, or towards staff. Stronger profanity (such as the f word and sexual slang) will automatically be bleeped out by our system, and must not be circumvented by typing the forbidden word in another manner.
  • For the sake of appearance, refrain from posting any profanity (even masked) in thread titles.
  • While it is ok to use profanity, we respectfully ask that you don't spam the site with excessive profanity just for the sake of doing so. If it looks extreme and excessive, the staff reserves the right to censor it.
Please note that each section of the forum has its own rules that you must adhere to. Check the section rules regularly,they can be found in the stickies in each section. (A sticky is a pinned thread at the top of each forum).

As the site progresses and new features are implemented, the senior management will update the rules as necessary.

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Guild Rules

  1. Users are not allowed to message other users soliciting them as guild members. This is considered spam. If you need to recruit members, you must do so within your Guild Home.

  2. Users are not allowed to ask people outside of their guild for donations. Your guild members should help finance your guild.

  3. Guild Officers cannot accept members into the guild and immediately remove them. This is scamming. Guild members must be allowed to stay in the guild for a minimum of 14 days. If there is an extreme reason why the member should be removed from the guild prior to the 14 day period, please PM angieluvboo explaining the reason. This will protect you should the member file a complaint.

  4. If you hold a contest or event in which you commit to giving a prize to the winner's guild, you must follow through on this commitment. Failure to do so will result in you being fined the amount promised plus an additional fee.

  5. Members quitting Diva Chix are not allowed to donate large sums to any guild. If done, these funds will be removed from the receiving guild.

  6. Please respect all other guilds and their members. Healthy fun competition is encouraged, but be sure to be respectful.
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  • Scare Me!

    Tell me about your favorite spooky story, Vixens!

    Mine is called the Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It is a short story about a woman who thinks someone is crawling behind her wallpaper and it drives her insane to the point where she starts peeling all the paper off the wall.

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    The Gypsies of Harmony Grove

    In the fittingly named region of Spook’s Canyon, there was once a community of Gypsies.

    Seeking privacy and solitude, they dedicated their time to what many would call dark pursuits.

    Séances and other rituals were held daily at a sacred rock labyrinth in the heart of the forest.

    Photo credit:

    Surrounding towns would wonder what exactly they were doing on Sunday mornings.

    The women would wear long flowing gowns and dance in a manner that seemed quite unseemly to the people of the time.

    Over time, the Gypsies did make friends with the other communities nearby, and shared a little of what they were up to.

    It was not comforting.

    Scores of Indian children, they said, had been hastily buried upright in the hills surrounding Spook’s Canyon.

    The Gypsies wished to speak with them.

    And speak with them they did.

    Before long, a local spiritualist reported multiple sightings of “packs of children, running and playing” in the early hours of the morning.

    None of the children were known to her, and in fact she did not know any Indian families in the area who dressed in the traditional garb.

    In recent years mysterious footprints have been seen along a concrete pipe within the forest.

    Appearing as dried paint, some insist they are the residual haunting of these Indian children.

    Photo credit:

    Other ghosts and spirits make appearances from time to time as well.

    Most common after the children is a “proper English gentleman”, wearing an old stovepipe hat and swinging a lantern in a boisterous manner.

    Today, former Gypsy community is called Harmony Grove.

    It’s still filled with occultists and paranormalists, and is a real bastion of ghost hunting.

    They live within the woods, perform readings, and love to educate hikers, ghost hunters, and other visitors on the many supernatural denizens of Elfin Forest.

    Bring your EVP recorders and thermal cameras, or go unaided.

    These people really get it, and they would love to help you find out just what lurks within the woods.
    The Fate of the Gypsies

    The original gypsy residents of Harmony Grove, sadly but unsurprisingly, eventually came into conflict with the nearby towns.

    They were driven out by an angry mob, and several of them were killed as the others fled.

    Running ahead of the mob with just a few minutes warning, they did have time to enact one final, terrible ritual.

    They cursed all of Elfin Forest, and incited their spirit friends to anger and vengeance.

    It is said that one of the gypsies did remain behind, and is still there to this day.

    She takes the form of a black-cloaked woman riding a black stallion.

    Photo credit: flickr/sergeyvlasov

    Visitors entering the forest sometimes feel a chill, and this is the invisible mark of the witch.

    The story goes, should a bearer of the mark enter the forest again, they will not leave.

    The witch will ride up on her stallion and turn her gaze upon them, and they will simply die on the spot.

    Most, but not all, of the ghost legends of Elfin Forest are tied to this witch, and most experts agree that she is their leader.

    Or perhaps, their general in a war against the living.

    As locals tell it, if you reach the green-planked tree swing after 9pm, there’s a good chance you’ll spot the black cloaked witch.

    Just don’t let her spot YOU.

    Photo credit:


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      Whelp... I'm scared. Admittedly that isn't hard to do... What is the origin of this story, Blackpawz? You really went all out!


      • BlackPawZ
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        I'd heard this story years ago at believe it or not when I was a Girl Scout leader for my daughters troop. I always look it up when I need one no ones heard of at Halloween.hehehe It's local folk lore of San Diego, CA. Elfin Forest is the largest forest in California
        Elfin Forest is an unincorporated residential community of San Diego County, in the foothills of the Santa Rosa Mountains. The community is southwest of Escondido and according to the USGS it is located at 33°04′25″N 117°09′51″W in the Escondido ZIP code of 92029.
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      I was born and raised in a country side outside of haiti. This village was not advance like the city. It was like living in the stone age with no electricity, indoor bathrooms or showers. No phones, no tv, only a radio that works with batteries. I think you get the general picture. Now imagine an 11 year old girl who left this little village and went to leave in the city where there's electricity, phone,television, ect. She was so curious and wanted to explore everything. This little girl is none other than your guild sister Zara 😊. One night I learn to turn on the television and for the first time seeing pictures in a box lol. Well around midnight a movie was coming on and it was none other than Nightmare on Elm Street. We all know how much we enjoy sleeping and we look foward to that moment each day. I started to watch the movie and I am seeing all different things that the people are doing. I saw this boy sleeping as I lean close I see this ugly man come his pointy fingers and killed him. I jump away from the TV and running screaming that someone been murdered. I was telling everyone to call the police. Well after I come down they explain to me it was all fake. Oh but wait thats not the best part. I went back in there and continue watching. As I watched I learn freddy krueger comes visit people in their dreams and kill them. A that point I turn on all the lights in the room so freddy wont come get me.☺. Thats still not the best part, after the movie I have to walk a dark hall way to go to my room to sleep and guess what they took power we all was in he dark. Everyone was asleep and am afraid if I go freddy will grab me and kill me.As I started runnig to the room I could have sworn I saw freddy and I pee on my self. 😝. But there is more. Now I was finally in bed in a dark room and the only light I ha was coming from the moon outside. I am afraid to close my eyes, I am afraid to look down on the floor because freddy could be under my bed, I spend the whole night wide awake and almost a month without sleeping at night until I forgot all about freddy. This was the most scariest moment I have ever had. The funny thing is I never learn my lesson and continue watching scary movies. Actually they are my favorite movies for all seasons.


      • jaderain
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        Aw... poor Baby Tranquille! That does sound like a scary time. I am the opposite. I do not like scary movies, at all. I've never even seen Nightmare on Elm Street!

      • tranquille
        tranquille commented
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        You are missing out lol. Nightmare on elm street is a classic. They even remade it couple years ago. The remake was even better. Sinister and the nun are by far the scariest movies I have seen lately. You cannot watch them if you have a bad heart.

      • BlackPawZ
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        I turn the channel when a scary movie comes on. Mainly because I live alone in a very secluded place where my imagination can get scary. Like my daughter wanted to watch the Last House On the Left and our house is literally the last house on the I had nightmare for days.
        That was a good story Zara. I'm surprised after that you like scary movies. :)

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      I think I've seen the one about the nun. Screamed the whole time...