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“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent”

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Febuary 17,2010 Jukebox!

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Posted 02-17-2010 at 05:08 PM by xLittlexCMxPunkx

Alrighty here, let's get this bad boy rollin'!

1. Make It-Aerosmith (2007 version)
2. Little Guitars-Van Halen
3. They don't care about us-Michael Jackson (Live from This is It)
4. For Whom the Bell Tolls-Metallica (with the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra)
5. The Ecstasy of Gold-Metallica (originally COMPOSED by: Ennio Morricone)
6. The End of Heartache-Killswitch Engage
7. I want it all-Queen
8. One More Time-Draft Punk
9. Where the Wild Things Are-Metallica
10. Re-Education (Through Labor)-Rise Against

Why Must you like those songs, Christina?
1. Well the vocals from Steven sound a lot better than the original they did back in 1974 but i think they were both catchy and the lyrics are pretty rad. I heard some bass here and there from Tom like about half way through near and after some solos from Joe.

2.LOVE the guitar solo, like always with a Van Halen guitar solo Anywho, I also like David's ead vocals and Alex's drumming is nice through the beginning. I noticed the bass a couple times from Michael here and there which is a plus in my book!

3. In my opinion, as with the aerosmith song, it sounded better than the original to me. Plus the guitar solos in there made it cool too. Michael did a good job by picking her! In "This is It" she has like a 5 minute or so long guitar solo...sounds quite amazing! She did a good job for "Beat it" too ^_^

4. I don't know how but I found myself listening to that one on repeat on youtube. I haven't downloaded it but I automatically liked how the orchestra blended with (ok now keep in mind, this was like in 1999) Jason and the orchestra going a nice intro.

5. Now back to 2007, gone through a total of 4 bass players since 1981. It's a lovely instrumental in its own right. Just as great as the original. I also thought it was quite a shocker to hear that James did the solos for this one. I'm 90% sure but don't judge LOL Still amazing solos though!

BTW: when i said COMPOSED in caps, it was actually originally an ORCHESTRA piece. Orchestra is normally COMPOSED. xD

6. Its one of those catchier songs and one of my old favorites by them. If you're just getting into metal, "The End of Heartache" may be a good album to start with but I'd recommend "Master of Puppets" from Metallica after or before that one. Just a little bit of flavorage. Anywho, I LOVE the mini solos it has and the drums are whicked through out the whole song. Howard did a great job on the choruses too may i add.

7. Now, this is one of Queen's later hits but c'mon; its QUEEN here! It has something that i don't think queen had which was a double bass involved which is another plus since im a huge fan of double bass drumming. It was brilliantly written by Brian May for sure (their lead guitarist). It's one catchy song, for sure and it showcases a great example on how Freddy Murcury is known as one of the best lead singers of all time.

8. Its technoy or dancy, whatever you may call it. This song has been one of my favorites since as long as i've been listening to music, which was back in 2001 or 2002. Its quite repeative but hey, it's a cool song regardless imo.

9. The intro is very mysterious. Well the whole song is. One of three songs to have a Jason credit to it, other two (which are also great) were "Blackened" and "My friend of Misery". Anywho, the part where it's "wake up sleepy one" always sends a chill down my spine, every time i listen to it. It goes from melodic to heavy which the transitions are quite cool. Totally underrated Metallica song off of a completely great "ReLoad".

10. One of the most policitally influenced songs I've heard in a while. It shows some excellent guitar in the beginning with the nice riff. The drumming shown is excellent to me. what really impressed me was the vocals. It was showing some anger with some melodicness to it. I love the part with "I won't believe the lies that hide the truth." It sends a strong message out there. Its a personal quote that I've taken onto my sleeve because for half of my life, I've been lied to and now all i want is the truth, regardless. So its kind of a rebeliation song to me at least.

The Ecstasy of Gold-Metallica
Its brilliant if you compare it to the original.
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