Be Kind... It's a small thing to do everyday to make someone's day a little better. You may never know what is going on in someone else's life or what they are going through. In this year we have all been through so very much putting kindness out there in the world is so important now more then ever.

I have created a Autumn Be Kind Background I will have for free in my shop. Please pick one up and spread the kindness.

I have always tried to be kind and bring something good to those I care for. This year has been extremely tough and I find myself battling some serious depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I normally don't talk about this I can normally push myself through it. 2020 has taken it's toll on myself and my family, from losing a loved one to nearly losing my life from medical complications. I don't share any of this lightly and I hope this can help someone else who may be going through something as well. The anniversary of my Dad's passing is coming up on the 25th and it's been on my mind constantly. As of this year I am a year older then he was when he passed. I am the only person left to remember him now. Let those you love know how you feel daily.

Be Kind Please,
Love Malia