Diva Chix Dress Up Games

Thank you for your interest in publishing Diva Chix dressup games to your arcade.

Full Figured Fashionista
Title: Full Figured Fashionista

Description: This full-figured fashionista rips the runway! The crowd is excited as this curvy model struts her stuff and shows the world that models don't have to be a certain size to be beautiful.

Keywords: plus size, full figured, model, runway

Downtown Diva
Title: Downtown Diva

Description: Help this diva prepare for an exciting night in New York City! There's so much to do and see. How about seeing a theatrical play on Broadway? Or dining at one of the finest restaurants in town? Find the perfect dress for your special evening.

Keywords: new york, downtown, diva, evening, date, city

Pajama Jammin' Diva
Title: Pajama Jammin' Diva

Description: Jump into your jammies and join these divas for a jammin' pajama party! There's great food, great music, and great friends. Help the diva find the perfect pair of pajamas and then kick back and enjoy!

Keywords: slumber party, pajama party, sleep, sleepwear, night

A Different Kind of Diva
Title: A Different Kind of Diva

Description: Jessie is the new girl in school and has a much different style from the preppy girls. Help her flaunt her uniqueness with cool outfits, stylish leggings, tattoos, and funky color dyed hair!

Keywords: emo, gothic, alternative, punk, scene, school

Diva Beach Bash
Title: Diva Beach Bash

Description: These divas are enjoying a fun and exciting beach getaway! Make sure the diva is dressed to impress in the hottest bikini and beach accessories as she feels the breeze, watches the cute guys surfing by, and hangs out with her diva friends.

Keywords: beach, summer, swim, party, friends, spring, pool

A Prom for Divas
Title: A Prom for Divas

Description: The popular online fashion game, Diva Chix, is having a glamorous prom night! We need you to turn this doll into a fashionista diva!

Keywords: prom, gowns, high fashion, dresses, diva