Certified Users

While most players on Diva Chix conduct themselves in a fair and proper manner, there is always some doubt about if that user who just whipped you in a battle is acting fairly. What about cloners? Or players who use other unscrupulous tactics to beat you at battles? This is where Certified comes in. Certified Users are players we approve of! We check their accounts thoroughly, investigate their battle history, voting practices and in some cases we verify their identity by means of a phone call or ask for identity documents. This way you know you can trust these players!

What is the benefit to getting certified?

More people will battle you because they know you are an honest player and you will have more exposure by being listed on the Certified Users Page. Additionally, you'll have an icon next to your username in popular places to advertise the fact you are certified!

How do I become certified?

You need to pay a one time administration fee which is currently 50 coins.