About Diva Chix

Made By Us...Played By Us!

Diva Chix is the absolute best Strategy Dress Up Game on the web. What makes us great is that we are about way more than just dress up and competition. We're a self-ran community focused on continuously building the skills of our members. Our game allows members to have fun, be creative, and at the same time gain valuable life lessons such as working as a team, managing finances, and succeeding in business and technology.

The core of the game is dressing up your doll and battling against other dolls. Members are able to use clothing made by other members, or even make their own! Members who create clothing can open their very own shop and sell their designs for game currency (moolah and coins). How fun!

We also offer Guilds, which are teams of members who work together and compete against other guilds. Guilds have proven to be a great way to make friends, help others, and work together for a common goal.

Diva Chix is very community-oriented. The "Made By Us...Played By Us" expression could not be a more accurate description. The site's staff are all active players of the game, so they know exactly what it takes to keep the game fun and exciting. The members of the site also contribute their time, talents, and ideas on making the site the best place to play on the web!

Here at Diva Chix we strive for fellowship, we live for fashion, and we nourish the imagination.

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What Our Members Say

When I first joined Diva Chix, I was a complete social nobody. I have never been a very talkative or social person, I had always been very quiet. After a couple months, this was no longer just a site I would go on to play games, it was my second home. I have grown up on this site, I have grown up with other people on here as well. As I became more comfortable with the people and this new environment, everything clicked. My shyness sort of evaporated. I have become a more social person, willing to interact and meet new people. Diva Chix has changed me completely as a person. Everything, and especially everyone, has made a direct impact on who I have become. The games, the divas and especially the community are the closest I have ever experienced and I am happy to say that I have been a part of this awesome site, with pretty amazing people as well.

This is not just a site, it is a home away from home <3

If one was to Google Diva Chix, they would see it entitled "Dress up Games". However, in order to accurately depict Diva Chix, it would require the largest amount of space because there is a huge amount to say about Diva Chix. Dress up? That is one element but there are so many more! Diva Chix was launched upon a foundation of excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm; The strength of such has lead the site to evolve into something which shapes the lives of many and offers a base of fun for all. In the excitement of the launch, I was the sixth member to sign up and the first to ever post upon the Diva Chix forums; which is weird to think now as the forums have almost 1 million posts.

Being a member of the Diva Chix community has equipped me with so many skills; Ones which are transferable into the real world and not just online. I am now able to interact with people of all ages from any where in the world and have really broadened my horizons. Whether it be on politics in America or the geographical climate in New Zealand, or even just fashion faux pas in Bulgaria! Although one might say being able to chat to a 54 year old American is not much use, it really is, the relationship I have with my mother has evolved into something much more mature due to my further understanding of interaction despite generation gaps. As well as this, I have become more confident and clear in portraying my own opinions and thoughts after much practice in posting here on the forums and have gone on to win many public speaking competitions offline and even go through to national finals!

Diva Chix provides many opportunities to maximize your potential and achieve the unachievable; acquiring 1 million moolah or becoming a staff member! Due to being given the chance to apply as a moderator, I have had a lot of experience in writing thoughtful and persuasive applications and have since gone on to be offered numerous Saturday jobs offline. As well as this, I have made so many friends and have a huge support base here to whom I can tell all to.

Diva Chix may be a dress up game that can provide you with experience in putting together a hot outfit for a date or getting the correct shoe color with a skirt, but it offers so much more. Whether you want skills in team building, debating, offering advice or giving feedback- Diva Chix is able to provide you with skills which will stick with you for life. Although it's only been a year, I've grown so much thanks to Diva Chix and I can genuinely say without Diva Chix my life would be entirely different.

I have been a member of this community for the better part of five years and the heart and soul has never changed. I look around and I see people that I grew up with, that I have grieved with, laughed with, and even been furious with. These people that I have never met, never spoken with face-to-face, are every bit as real and influential to me as my own family. This is the place that helped me decide what I wanted to be as an adult. These are the people that helped me get through my freshman year of college. No matter what is going on in my life, or how long I have been away, Diva Chix always feels like home and the people in it, my family.

I think back to the shy fifteen year old girl who wandered into this place quite by accident. A girl with almost no interest in fashion, about as far from a "girly girl" as you can get. And yet, somehow, I was hooked. I look at the young woman I have become and I know that it's thanks in large part to the community of fantastic, strong women that I have had the amazing privilege of knowing. Through Diva Chix I have learned numerous tips and tricks for pursuing my dreams, found a love for creative writing I never knew I possessed, broadened my horizons on more topics that I ever imagined, and even learned how to color-coordinate clothing. But more importantly, I have learned how to give back to the community that gives us all so much.

I have been playing Dress Up Games since I was 8. Ever since I found it I have had a passion for Diva Chix. This is, I would say, the most welcoming community I have crossed. Everyone is there, eager to help and talk to new people, making them feel like they fit in automatically. I have always felt at home with these people since the beginning. Even when I have felt totally out of place, I can come here and talk to the most supportive people out there on the internet. I can relate to people here, when I can not relate to anyone else. We have got so much in common. I could never forget the friendships I have made here. This is basically just one big, happy family. Growing up with everyone here has been the greatest experience I have had. Everyone here is beyond nice.

Diva Chix has given me a better sense of style and how to put clothes together. It has taught me it is okay to be different.

It has been amazing talking to people from around the world. I have learned about what it is like in other countries, with out searching up information or taking a class. I have fallen in love with some of the music that people talk about from other countries, which I probably otherwise would not have ever heard of.

Oh, and the staff. They have done an amazing job. They have truly listened to us, and have taken their part in the community, not making everyone feel scared of them. Several sites I have been to, the staff just dismiss the members. Here they listen to you, care about you, and try to be your friend. They know the members and their opinions matter. Diva Chix is what makes me happy and sometimes is what keeps me up. It gives you hope that there are people out there willing to become your friend. I feel a thrill every time I log in, knowing I will be talking to some of the most amazing people, while having loads of fun on the main site. You can learn, feel, talk, and express yourself. You have the chance to stand up for yourself, put out those feelings inside. I have gained so much from the site. Diva Chix is more than a little dress up site, it' is a place to grow as a person.

And I truly mean every part of this. I am speaking from the heart. <3

Diva Chix has always been a second home to me in so many ways. From the beginning everyone has had open hearts to welcome me. Diva Chix has only gotten better since the start and always focuses on the what the users want. I have never seen such dedicated administrators that really listen to what the community has to say and takes their ideas to try to incorporate them into the game. We are not just a game, we are a community. You can talk to your friends and maybe make some new ones. Diva Chix can give you a break from your everyday routine to have some fun.