Jojo's Fashion Show World Tour

it won't load

disgusting game!!! jojo got to hell!!!

I hate this game so I gave it a 1




this game needs to be on google play

I love this game so much

i too have beat all of the games they are one of my favororite fashion games

Well, this is super fun. ;P

i already beat all 3 Jojo's full games, i love them all!

sorry but absoultely boring

love it!

i played this game all yesterday.(to 12:00 AM to12:00 PM)

one of my fave games

love the outfits.

looove this game i can play all day

This game so FUN!!!!!

This game rocks!!!

luv dis game

fav game evey

very addictive

Full Version Rocks!
Great Game!!

great game :)

I share the same !!
Totally in love with this game.... ;)

i`m so addicted, omg [:

I love this game <3

I'm really addicted to thisss.

my favorite!