Game Settings

Feature Description Current Setting Action
Diva Chix Toolbar The Diva Chix toolbar contains widgets such as site announcements, chat, polls, games, and more. Enabled
Doll of the Day Winning Doll of the Day (DOTD) is an honor, and your doll will be featured on the home page for an entire day. Disabling this setting will prevent you from winning DOTD. Disabled
Survivor Battles Survivor is an event that generates hundreds of battles involving a handful of contestants. Disabling this setting will prevent you from voting on Survivor battles. Enabled
Wardrobe Version Diva Chix has two versions of the wardrobe. They look very similar, however, V2 has buttons and different options depending on the wardrobe view. Whereas, V3 uses the right-click menu to display all options on all views. V2