Christmas Raffle

In the spirit of the season, Diva Chix is proud to present Christmas raffles. You can win raffle tickets by voting! There's a 5% chance of getting a raffle ticket. Then every 5 minutes, a random raffle ticket is drawn and the winner gets a prize of moolah, coins, or fame! The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning!

All tickets will stay in the "bag" until Christmas day even if you win one of the smaller raffles. Then, on Christmas day, 3 tickets will be pulled and these winners will receive a big special Christmas gift from the staff.

You can check how many tickets you have below.

Your Tickets

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Latest Raffle Winners

Winner Prize
11917 moolah
1383 fame
11 coins
22265 moolah
4218 fame
3222 fame
20 coins
3574 fame
1810 fame
24737 moolah
16436 moolah
2654 fame
3190 fame
3168 fame
10109 moolah
3476 fame
16 coins
24 coins
3962 fame
4639 fame