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About Me
I have returned to divachix after a long time....
And yes....its addictive....more addictive than facebook....lol !!!

I'll be glad to make new friends..... :D

My birthday is on 29th Feb.... I'm a leap year baby :P

Fashion is a beautiful form of art.....It brings different cultures, different people, different trends together.....It is a wonderful means to express so many things :D

Congrats! You won 1st place in the If I Were A Card theme.

Congrats! You won 1st place in the Mythical Beings theme.

Congrats! You won 1st place in the Your Element theme.

Voting has ended for the Traditional Ceremonies GOC theme. Your score was 3.45 out of 5.(Though i did not win i really liked this theme and gave my best)

Congrats! You won 1st place in the Goddesses theme.

One of the most amazing person i have met on Dc is patdamian......do visit her profile !!!
Some dolls have been an inspiration not only cause their dolls are beautiful....its because they are beautiful people.....

It is so true....whatever you give you get it back....I believe in KARMA.....
So do good deeds...make someone smile... :D

Fact: I'm from India so we follow IST which is 10 hours 30 minutes ahead of EST !!
That means most of the time when I'm online the rest of them are sleeping :(

Congratulations!!! You have just won the DivaChix Lottery! Your prize is 149 coins!

Thank you to all the divas who vote the dolls in my album....please let me know so i can return the kind favour !! :D
(If your doll album is too huge please forgive me if I rate just a few.... :s)

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Love this gorgeous color. Welcome back!

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Love Your Diva! =D

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Hey, sweetie!!!! :* How are you?

I'm finally back, I was in Italy for 2 months for a job, I was very busy, but now I'm home. happy and relaxed! :)

I hope you're fine and everything is ok with you! :)


Passing thru to check out your beautiful diva. Enjoy your day lovely lady.xoxo

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Really glad you are a FINDERS KEEPERS customer and hope you will shop with me often!

thanks for the gift honey :)

thanks Diva Senior :P

hug <3

:) ok

Why Thank You sweetie Im glad you liked it.
Hugz -n- Friendship!

Thank You Myspace Comments

You're a terrific FINDERS KEEPERS customer!

sorrry copied wront thing! LOL

Thanks for the battles

::: (\_(\
*: (=’ :’) :*
•.. (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»FAME ★


yes i am little nervous

Thanks for the wonderful gift sweety :) You're always so cute!!! I want you to know that you're doing a great work on PP!!! I'm proud of you ;)

today was the day but as usual cbse postponed it

O'goodness I've been voting for her a lot. Nicely done hun. I love the brown. I better go look at the album for some rates.:)

Thank You Myspace Comments

Love having you as a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! :)

Oh thank you honey!!! :) It's awsome knowing that my sisters appreciate my job here! I work for you all, you're my second family girls! :*

Thanks for the comment..I really appreciate it
Your doll looks amazing, too!!

Thank you for shopping at The Dressing Room! Enjoy your day ~

Thank You Myspace Comments

Happy to have you as a regular customer of FINDERS KEEPERS. Please continue to shop with me! :)

Thank You!!! Your Doll Is WOW To! :)

I'm fine thank you, how are you? :D

and you're welcome xxx

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love your diva! Thanks for being a Precious Praise sister! Love and hugs, jocelyn

Wow! Thank you so much for the wishlist gift! I love my new top! Your gift was unexpected a wonderful surprise. That was very sweet of you! :)

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I'm still catching up on fame postings for my good FINDERS KEEPERS customers. I hope you will continue to shop with me! :)

Thank you!!! Rated your amazing dolls too.

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Happy Easter to you and your family!!! :)

Honey, do you like your nickname? :P

You're doing a great job on PP, I'm very proud of you and your stunning diva ;)

You're welcome, sweetie, I was sure you'll love it! :P I adore it too!!!!! :)

Enjoy and have fun, dear friend! :*


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Stopped by with some fame! Love and hugs!

hiya! Rated your Album! Lovely Dolls!

Hey, sweetie, missed you too!!!!!!!!!!!! :* I'm sure you'll do a good job with your exams!!!!! :)

Thank you for your kind words!!! :)

Take care and let me know when you'll finish the exams! :) Hugssssssssssssss!

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Love having you as part of our PP family! Love and hugs, jocelyn

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Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to a very special guild member! Left a few wishlist gifts for you!!!!!!!!!!

You're so sweet, Happy Birthday :)

Happy Birthday Graphics

Happy Birthday my sweet friend!!!! :D

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Happy birthday sweety!

This is a very special day to celebrate your birthday. Have a realy great day and an even better year to come.



Happy Birthday Myspace Comments

Heyyyyy, girlie, you have a soooooo special today!!!!! What can I wish to you, of course all the best in the world, may all your wishes come true (hope next Valentines you'll have someone near you :P)!!!!! HAVE A PERFECT DAY, with a lot of presents and a lot of fun!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday sweet lady. Enjoy your special day.xoxo