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Hey, it's Ashley ^.^ Well, well, well. I haven't really been here in a while xD Hasn't changed much but that's a good thing :3

Anyway, some facts about me:

Age: 18
Sign: Taurus
Birthday: April 26
Favorite thing to drink?: Water. There is truly nothing better.
Favorite Hobby?: Writing
Favorite Book?: That's a really tough question. I refuse to answer lol
Favorite song?: C'mon, that's like asking me what my favorite book is.
Current Residence: NYC. Although I will be moving to Connecticut soon :P

If you would like to get to know me better, don't hesitate to ask ^.^ I promise you, I won't bite lol

Until next time! (^.^)

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  • Apr 26   xflowerx has a birthday today.
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  • Apr 26   xflowerx has a birthday today.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!!! :)(:

You wish gift list is empty :(

I became a fan when I heard one of her songs on a commercial, lol. ^-^

Thanks Ashley, this diva you have is a cutie and has received many votes from me. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Hi. ^-^ I'm Julia. I see you like Lenka, I'm a fan as well. xD

Welcome to the Amazing Divas, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Welcome to the Amazing Divas!! Glad you could join and hope you will be happy and have some fun!!!

Thanks For Shopping @ Joe Cool's Hot Shoppe!

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