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hello. this is under co.

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happy birthday!

Thank you for being a loyal FINDERS KEEPERS customer. I hope you enjoy a wonderful Holiday Season! :)

Congrats on FMOTG and Happy Holiday!

Thank You for Shopping at Sparkle Palace! Have a Wonderful Holiday! <3

Adorable doll! x

Welcome to Devoted Angels, I really love your awesome doll album.
you have a beautiful granddaughter, hope you have a great week!

Welcome to Devoted Angels, Happy to have you with us :-)

Welcome to the Devoted Angels

Thanks for the rates :) & I returned the favor and rated your beautiful album too x

Welcome to Rising Stars! If you need anything please let me know! :D

Wow, i love your profile!

happy birthday

Happy birthday:)

Happy birthday!

Welcome to the guild, I'm happy that you and your daughter could join us. I LOVE your profile!

Welcome to Hippie Sistas!

Welcome to Hippie Sistas!

I love your profile. ♥

Never mind, silly me. :( I forgot you didn't have an album. :P

Hey there! I love your outfit for Quinn!! I was so sad to see your daughter leave the guild, but I do hope you'll stick around, and if she ever gains more time for DC and wants to rejoin, she's absolutely more than welcome! I know she's got her hands full right now, with a new baby though. How's the grandparent life? Is this your first grandchild? I've always assumed so, but I don't think I've asked! Anyway, I hope you're having a beautiful day, and I'm going to go rate your dollies now & see if you've got anything on your wishlist. ;)
Much love! ♥

Your profile is absolutely adorable!!! I just love it. Wayyyyy to express yourself. (: Adorable!! 👏

Welcome to Bela & Mode!! Me & Jenna are happy to have you. :) We are looking forward to see you blossom into one of our greatest members.

Any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact me or Jenna.

Welcome to the guild!! & thank you so much for being one of our first members ever!! :D :D
I am so happy to have you join the team & I do hope you'll remain a part of it for a while. I have a feeling you like owls, and I just need to tell you that they're my OBSESSION. No joke!! lol I wanted one for a pet there for a while, but after googling it, decided that I didn't want that, I'll just keep admiring from afar. :P But anyway, welcome!! & if you have any questions, feel free to ask Alex or I!! We're here to help, at any time. ♥

Your Diva is absolutely beautiful! :)

 photo bits-n-pieces_zpsxqn1fe6r.png

Thak u for your birthday wishes!! Happy New Year!!

Welcome to Omega Roses! We're so happy you've decided to join us! If you need anything or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!! :)

Welcome to Omega Roses!

Hi and thanks for the rates!!:)
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