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My name is Gabi and I like fake nails, pink, cats,
scented candles, incense, orange roses and wine.

I also adore Scroobius Pip, No Doubt, Deftones,
System of a Down and Rammstein.

Feel free to talk to me, I'm quite decent, really! :)
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  • May 16   vodkkka has a birthday today.
  • May 16   vodkkka has a birthday today.
  • May 16   vodkkka has a birthday today.
  • May 16   vodkkka has a birthday today.
  • May 16   vodkkka has a birthday today.
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  • Dec 26   vodkkka finished rank 10 in the Battle Ladder.
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Thank you so much for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I appreciate your patronage and will look forward to seeing you often this year!

Congrats on being our GMOTW!

merry xmas, rated your album, lovely xxx

love your doll <33 :D


~...Just stopping by to tell you that I absolutely ADORE your style -- I mean, especially your current doll, she is FABULOUS!! I also rated a few of your gorgeous dolls out of your "Doll Album" while I was here :).

~...Hope you have a great day, and ~May God bless you and yours always!~

Goin to rate your beauties!

beautiful dolls! <3

Happy Birthday!!

So glad you stopped by for some shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS! I hope you will come by again soon.

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album! :)

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vodkkka is our next Featured Member for placing 3rd overall in Activity, placing 2nd in battle wins, and earning plenty of hotpoints!

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gorgeous diva! off to rate your album!

Vodkkka is our next featured menber! This week she was 4th on our activity roster! She scored 477 battle wins for 70000 battle points! You go girl!

thanks for shopping at re-threads :)

Thank you for shopping at ~Guilty pleasures ~ ! :)
Have a lovely day! ^^

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shiny pink dress!

thanks for shopping, happy new year :)

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In celebration of the sun rising in 2013 (Wow, 2013!)

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your divas continue to be divalicious!

happy "hippie sistas winter wonderland ball" day (heehee)
the post beneath mine explains! thx for the bday wishes! hope your well hun!

oh, and i noticed your background... go to witchy woman wardrobe & get 1 of the 3 free winter wonderland backgrounds and then dressup as winter wonderland theme TODAY, NOW and post on profile, hippie sistas is going to give prizes!!! good luck!

First to rate your lovely diva album!!! you have 2 pages!!! yay!!! awesomely lovely!

omg i looooove the xx! great doll! happy holdays guild sis!

Welcome to Hippie Sistas! :)

Welcome to the guild! & Beautiful diva :)

welcome to hippie sistas! :)

Welcome to our guild!!!!

Welcome to Hippie Sista, lil sister :D

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your doll is beautiful!!!

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