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Hello, everyone! My name is Stacey, i'm 17.
I love bright colours, and my hair has been many of those, aha!
I love punk rock music, like paramore, all time low, versaemerge etc.
I have a huge obsession with piercings and accents.
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hello rated 13 pages of your abum

Thanks for Shopping @ Joe Cool's Hot Shoppe!


Hi Stacerooooo!!! :D Hope you are having a good weekend too!!!
Love Ya!!!
Carlie :D

happy birthday enjoy!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Stacey!I hope your day turns up the best one!! :D

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Stacey!! <3

Happy Birthday Staceroooooo!! Here's hoping you have a great birthday, cheers mate !!!! :D
Carlie :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACEY! I hope your special day is truly wonderful and your next year of life is amazing!

Thank you so much for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I appreciate your patronage and will look forward to seeing you often this year!

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album! :)

<3 u, Rainbow Dash!

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Thanks so much, Stacey! Happy holidays to you as well! Much love your way xxx

Thank you very much for your good wishes,Stacey .
Happy holidays to you too! :D

Thank u Stacey, for the ecouraging words it's been really hard on me & having a hard time dealing withmy mom passing. But I wish u and ur family happy holidays.

Thanks for the necklace it is gorgeous♥♥♥

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