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Thanks for visiting my profile! Battle Me! I joined DC back in 2008, No, I did not come from Doll War. I am an honest voter, and I became certified fairly recently. I am a proud member of the Hippe Sistas guild. You can also find me in the forums, where I spend most of my time. I hope that one day I could become a forum moderator for DC. My favorite shop here is GG's Aeonian, not just because it's popular, but I honestly do love griffysgirl's designs. I am trying to reach 50 Facebook Likes for my DC profile, and I am trying to save up for 80,000 coins.

A little about me and some of my likes & interests & favorite stuffs:

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: August 13, 1997

Interested In: Men And Women

Quote: The mysterious may be the most beautiful thing may we experience, as in it lies the source of true art and science

Movies: Project X, Bridesmaides, The Hangover 2,Aladin, 9 to 5,

Shows: The Big Bang Theory, Hollywood Heights, 20/20, What Would You Do?, and anything on little kid channels like disney and nick and boomerang

Games: Don't play much....

Activities: computer, computer, computer.

Interests: Apple Inc, Sanrio Inc, Asian Culture, writing, photography, forensics,

Inspirational People: Steve Jobs, John Lennon

Music: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Flyleaf,

Other: Big fan of RILAKKUMAAA!!!!!!

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I love HTML comments, but I can't stand too much of it! If you leave any guestbook images larger than size 312x312 IT WILL GET DELETED. ... Please, feel free to resize your images. Make sure it looks GOOD and CLEAN. Thank you for your understanding.Also, please do NOT post any more than TWO comments on my guestbook. Make sure they are not back-to-back. Another important thing: Do not get offended if I decline your friend request. I only add people I am closest to.

Also, please PLEASE PLEASE! If you are going to rate my album, rate it HONESTLY! Don't give me all ones because you don't like me and all fives because we're friends. This is cheating. I would really appreciate it if you can use the 2, 3, and 4... don't just use the doll album as a reputation tool! That's not what it is! I have nothing against 1's and 5's, just as long as they're used properly. If we're in a fight- don't come rating me all 1's- because it's pathetic. I have gained style from you anyways, so thank you. And don't give me all 5's because we're friends or we're guild sisters or whatever. That's cheating. This is my biggest pet peeve. Okay.

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  • Aug 13   chococat has a birthday today.
  • Aug 13   chococat has a birthday today.

Stopped by with fame and rates- all 5's of course!!

Happy Birthday

Thanks! :)

Hey Guild Sista. Lovly diva you got there girlie. Hope you have a amazing day. ~PeAcE~

Angel Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Great job on tasks! Thank you for the gift card- love your shop!

Rated your album, realy lovely album and great that you love animals, so do I.



ps i love chococat! see my avi! :)

welcome to hippie sistas!! im new too to the guild! roickin diva!!

Leaving fame and rates- all 5's of course!


aww I am so sorry that you have a cold! :( I am currently just reading. I love to read haha.

Thank You Glitter Graphics

IS that you in the video? I have 8 tats myself, and i love your profile background and thanks for all the battles

Rated your album