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Hey everyone!! I'm Richa..20 years old I come from India.I'm doing my Graduation with Psychology..yup that's my fav subject.I joined this site on 12th March 2012...Came to know about this site through my friend Archy..so thanks to her that I'm on this amazing place with you all.I love Playing online doll dress up games and making new friends from all around the world.

Few thinks I'm Crazy about :
1. Chocolates
2. Music
3. Harry Potter movies & books
4. Net surfing

Few persons I'm Crazy about :
1. My Mom - The sweetest women on earth.
2. Hilary Duff - I want her dimples.
3. Priyanka Chopra(miss world 2000) - Love her confidence & lovely Smile.
4. My Dream Man- There's know one as perfect as him, but the problem is he is only in my dreams.


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Mar 18, 2012
Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!!The final score was Hot: 52 | Not: 0.
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Sorry!! if I declined your battle request.. I must have been saving new profile doll at that time.

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  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.
  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.
  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.
  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.
  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.
  • Mar 02   richa321 has a birthday today.

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Rated your wonderful dolls!

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Hope your having a beautiful day :D We miss you, hope all is well.

God bless you! Here is some fame for you!...Jesus said:Luke 19:10 "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost."....Lord I am over here!!! Save me!.. It is that easy. He does all the work. He looks for us and Only He can save us. (He called himself "the Son of man" because He wants us to see Him on our level, even though He is God) He understands our shortcomings because He lived as one of us. He knows and understands.

Happy Sunday,rated yo album,it's really nice,have a great day"smooches"

hi :) just checking how are you doing and I noticed you already have some gorgeous entries in your album, rated all 5* and your current diva is looking fab all in white :)
have a great day!

God bless you. Here is some fame for you....Php 1:2 "I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will be kind to you and will bless you with peace!".....That is easy to pray for because He wants to do that for you because He loves you.

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Thanks, so are yours! Thanks for the rates!

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Dropped by to catch up with your album, gorgeous bunch of divas. Hope you have a great week :)

God bless you!!! Here is some fame for you!!!! Psalms 33:5 ........the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.

enjoyed your Pink and Yellow Fashionista entry!

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Thank you :) Happy Easter to you, too!
I see you are doing great here :) Rated your beautiful dolls!

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Sorry that I’m so far behind in posting fame, but you know that I appreciate your business at FINDERS KEEPERS! I hope you will continue to shop with me!

Caught up on your great doll album!

marilyn monroe image
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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Enjoy your day and have a blessed wknd :)

This is beautiful!!

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Rated your lovely album :) Congratz on being featured, too.

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So enjoyed rating your latest divas in your album :)

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MyNiceProfile.comNow we are friends!! Enjoy your gift! <3 dEbbEdY

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Enjoyed rating your latest divas. Have a wonderful day :)

God bless you and India!!!

Thank you! OMG you really didnt have to rate my whole album, its huge! But thank you sooo much. And thank you for the graphic, you are such a sweety. If I knew how to send them I would send you one back. Glad you're enjoying yourself. I see DOTD in your future xXx

Hello! Myspace Comments

Rated your dolls. I saw your message in my guestbook. I would like to be friends too. I have actually found someone who shares my love of psychology on divachix. Anyway, message me anytime and we can chat about psychology or whatever else.

Hey hunny. Rated your dolls, they are GORGEOUS!! I cant believe how fast you're going. It took me ages to get as far as you have in 2 weeks. Congrats hunny. Wont be long before you truely put me to shame and overtake me in the rankings. Much love xXx

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Thanks so much! Your profile is cute too, hun! & I loveee your diva! ♥

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TY for the compliment. Rated your album. Have a great weekend :)

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My Diva Motto :)

marilyn monroe myspace 3.0 layouts

Thank you so much :) What a lovely background, so glad I cld help

Wow you move quick! Guild member already. My lovely Mrstucker will loook after you. Shes the best guild member ever! Hope you're enjoying your stay here :) You look AMAZING btw xXx

The bg comes from CommentHaven.com. You have to go there and copy the code and then paste it into your about me on edit profile.

welcome to Divanairs ♥

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Welcome to Divanairs. We are so happy to have you with us. Please don't hesitate to ask me for anything.

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HI :) Came by to leave a little love. Rated your album. I know Archy, She's wonderful, so I wanted to say hello.

Hope you love DC as much as we all do. If you ever need anything don't hesitate. Have a great day.

hi, thnks for friend request, I see you already like this game:) I'll send you a pm with a few tips. You'll have a great time here, any questions feel free to ask :)

Thank you so much Richa!
I acepted your invitation with pleasure :)

Hey :)
Thank you. It's been pretty good... How are you? If you need more help let me know :)

And before you go searching for the outfit info, i've just realised that its an upgrade too. Sorry hun I did this all so long ago. Btw make sure you get to know kasiopeya. She's an ex MM player too and she really helped me get started on here. Sorry for the multiple posting xXx

Ofc before you can buy a raters upgrade you need to buy an album. But it does reqiure lots of coins so get voting! Now is a great time too as you get extra Easter prizes xXx

Ok. First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE your diva. Its like a modern day chicago swing GORGEOUS!

Second of all, thank you for rating my album, its been ages since anyones looked at it.

Thirdly, my style is quite dark so im not sure if you wanna replicate it BUT.. I dont tend to be too loyal to individual shops (thats why I have so many on my list) I tend to used the Auction house (loads of bargins) and the shop wizard to find the items I need. I also use the 'outfit info' option to steal items from outfits that I like.

Finally, the face I used in this outfit is from Catellen's store (AMAZING DESIGNER). You'll find her here:

Hope all that helps. Oh btw as you gain more coins make sure you look into upgrades. I have one that allows me to see who rates my albums so I can rate them back xXx