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About Me
My name is chloe.

My mom plays and her name is babs11.

I like making friends so send me friend requests.
If you have rated my album, please let me know, so I can return.
I love fashion, so i'll love this game.lol!

I'm off to play my new game Diva chix...yay!!!!

Animal Backgrounds

i love playing this game. Been playing it for awhile now and met some great, kind people from the other side of the world. My guild is fab and they all are so good at the game!
I always try my best when I'm on and to create a pretty doll. People are so supportive on here.
hope everyone is well. xx

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Hi Chloooeeee!! LOVE this beautiful Midnight Blue doll, just gorgeous!
Love You!
Auntie C <3

thank you all for the nice comments. Hope you all are ok and well. Great friends I've got on here. Love you all!!! xxx

Hi, your dolls are beautiful. Hope you are doing well.

Chloe, your doll is beautiful! Perfect bg with that dress! congrats on being featured member also.

CONGRATS on being featured member!!
you have worked hard, keep it up my lovely xxx

Beautiful doll Chloooeeee!! Love her!! :)
Auntie <3

Betty Boop Weekend

Hey babygirl wanted stop by and say i adore your new diva such a beautiful style love it ♡ Hope ur weekend is Amazing! ! ! ♡

Love the doll. Thanks for battle. Hapy battleing! Rated 5s in album hunny.Hope u have wonderful day hun!

Thank you for shopping at Angels resale shop!

Beautiful doll Chloe!

Betty Boop

Have a great weekend. Big Hugs Much Love.

Thank you for the gift Chloooeeee!! Love you to pieces! :D

Thank You so much for rating my dolls! I also rated Your....How very pretty they all are:)

Thanks so much for the gift!

A Thank You Card From Betty Boop.

For all the hits you gave my album. Big Hugs Much Love

Chloe thank you for rating my album, in return I have rated yours : )

Thank you Chloe for my gift, that was very nice of you :)

Current Diva is beautiful!!!!

thank u for all the nice, kind messages x

Love your beautiful style in your album, happy to be a friend on your
list. Enjoy!

Thank You for stopping bye my shop!

Your album is really awesome and lot of fun shopping today
have a great week!

Beautiful! :)
A.C. :D

Thanks so much for supporting the release of Nova! Your diva is stunning! ♥


Happy new year dear daughter xxxxx

Your divas or gorgeous.

thanx for the gifts xxx

merry xmas sweetie xxx

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Christmas Comments Pictures
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Thank You for Shopping at Sparkle Palace! Have a Wonderful Holiday! <3

Happy Birthday Chloe! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Happy birthday to a fellow scorpio

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday! Are you ten now then?

Happy Birthday Chloe!!! :)(:

happy birthday MY PRINCESS,
love you heaps

rated your album princess xxx

Happy Happy Birthday my dear friend Chlooooeeee!!! Hope you have a fab day!!!
Love and Hugs!
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday too you (:

Hey Chloe, love your dolls :)

Hey! So glad you came back for more shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS! I'll look forward to your next visit. Hope it's soon! Thanks!

Had fun exploring and rating your great doll album --- just my way of saying THANK YOU for being a FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I really do appreciate it and hope you will shop with me often. :)

I LOVE this doll, she is awesome!!! <3
Carlie :D

caught up with your album my lovely xxx

Days - Week Comments Pictures
More Images @ MyNiceProfile.comThank you for shopping @dEbbEdYs dOllY shOp!!

Thank you for buying from my shop!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!

Welcome to LB Chloe!!!! So happy to have you! :)

hi and welcome xoxoxo