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hey gorgeous glitter

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Hey, My name is Amber. I love photography, Collecting dolls and reading! I also enjoy reading Comics, Playing video games & Watching TV shows, Movies and Cartoons haha! The Beatles are my favorite all time band. I tend to be a pretty shy/quite person.

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thank you! Yes, I'm definitely planning to do more of that. This latest collection was a more casual one, but I'm definitely planning to do a little more alternative outfit next time ;) there's just so much to choose from so I'm not sure what it is going to be, but I've got a folder with a lot of different inspirational pictures, so I'm sure I can come up with something! ;) Do you have any style in particular you'd like to see?

Just saw your comment in my shop, didn't even know I had a guestbook there lol
Thank you so much! ♥ I wasn't hiding, i'm new to this game x)

Two people play this account me and my son, his name is Zachary (though I know in the movie it's Thackary) Binx is his real nickname definitely from the movie :D, We both absolutely love that movie. Even to this day when you go back and watch movies that when as a child you thought were good but didn't hold up when older this movie is still a favorite and still very good. Sorry I talk a lot lol. Have a good weekend.:)

Hi Of course i will add stuff to my shop from time to time, but since create all of those take time, it may take a while before the shop have a good amount of stuff :) Also thank you very much for the warm welcome!

Hi, I'm glad you like the doll, I will be adding the items to my shop in a couple of weeks, it's part of my new collection. If you subscribe you will get notified when it's added.

Oh yeah, definitely. No one used to have anything for owls, except I could usually find a few things at Old Time Pottery. Not sure if you have those where you live. I love owls and peacocks. Weirdly enough. & I've always been a bird fan. in general. I'm also obsessed with feathers. & I believe in the power of dreamcatchers, and they're beautiful, made with feathers, so naturally, I like them too!!! lol Anyway, he loves the camera, and he loves mirrors. He's cute and he knows it!

Thanks so much hun!! He really is a doll, and he loves the camera!!! lol Omg I love your profile. I'm OBSESSED with owls!

thank you for your sweet comment in my shop! I'll certainly make more for Kitty! :)