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Okay, so I'm a mother of two incredible kids. Both whom love to draw and create. Most kids love playing in their rooms with toys. Mine, put a pen and paper in their hands and their off to the races.

I started playing these fashion games with my daughter. To get her inspired with the arts and creativity.

Personally, I would be considered crafty. I've muraled my homes back fence. I've painted my churches childrens nursery. When people have funraisers, I created painted glass for them to donate.

I love drawing inspirations from others, I try to find the beauty in all things and all persons. We only have one chance in this life and I want to give it my all. I want to add my splash of color on this portrit of life... I hope all those that get to know me (or do know me) say...hmm, she was unique. But how that splash of color adds such vibrancy to this piece of artwork called LIFE.
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