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I'd REALLY like to do the next Guild War. If you are looking for a guild member, let me know. I am open to the idea of joining a guild again so I can participate in GOC and other activities on the site.
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Hi, welcome to Bela and Mode! We're happy to have you join us! :D
My name is Joyce, I'm the deputy of this guild, and if you have any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask me (or Alex of Jamie)!
I hope you'll like this guild as much as I do! :D

X Joyce

Thanks for the gift. Love all your divas :)

Hello! Welcome to the Bela & Mode clan. We are happy to have you! I'm very optimistic that you'll grow to love us, as we will you. I'm looking forward to seeing you blossom as a member. :)

If you ever have any questions/concerns, please message me, Joyce or Jamie.
With love,
Alex <3

Thank you for the gift!

thank you so much for the wishlist gift :)

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Love your dolls and shop ~_~

Gorgeous divas you have in your album :)