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About Me
Thank you to anybody who gives me wishlist gifts, I have too many alerts to count every time I get them a bunch at a time, but know that I appreciate anything I receive :) <3
Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 55 hotpoints, 110 moolah, 40 style and 1 coins. The final score was Hot: 56 | Not: 1.

Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 56 hotpoints, 112 moolah, 41 style and 1 coins. The final score was Hot: 57 | Not: 1.
28-29/05/2017: Won bingo three times in a row!!!
29/05/2017: I've just realized I'm rank 16 on the Vote Ladder. Bring it on!
I accept ALL battles, from hot divas and not. The ONLY time I have battles turned off is when I'm changing my diva.
Please refrain from leaving graphics comments on my profile, I want to keep everything neat, or any 'Have a good weekend!' graphics and stuff. They're pretty pointless to me. Any will be deleted from my guestbook. If you wanna say hi or thank you or something I can carry on into a conversation you are welcome to write it :)
Today I've voted over 9,500 times and got more than 3 gift cards in total, this is a record for me! :D
I've received 4 dotd votes, it's the most I've ever gotten it makes me happy and fuzzy inside :3
06/06/2017: Oh my gosh, 6 dotd votes! Best yet, I'm so happy eeeeee :D
Hi everyone, my name is Sasha, and welcome to my profile! I've been on this site for 5 years this October (no I can't believe it either!), and I couldn't be part of a better community. There's ups and down and hiatus', but I get through, and I've recently come back with a fresh mindset :) If anybody needs someone to talk to about personal problems, or life problems in general, feel free to message me. I'll be the resident therapist :P
Check out my blog, I update it inconsistently but it's an okay read:
Also, I've opened a crowdfunding page for me. Everything you need to know about why I did, you can read on the actual page:
Any bit of help is greatly appreciated, and thanks for coming to my profile. Now, let the battles begin!
I'm amazed at this outfit feedback, almost a perfect score :)
Below are your results from the Outfit Feedback event. The number next to each result indicates the number of people who
who chose that option based on your outfit.
No comment: 0
Perfect as you are: 8
I dont like the color combination: 0
The outfit is too busy: 0
The pieces of the outfit dont go together nicely: 0
This trend is too common: 0
This trend is played out: 0
A little too hoochie: 0
A little too conservative: 0
Try another background: 1
Try another hairstyle: 0
Try a lighter tan: 0
Try a darker tan: 0
Try a different face: 0
Try different shoes: 0
Try different accessories: 0
Try a different pet: 0
It is just all wrong: 0
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Loving your faces and dresses you've been making! Keep up the great work :)

thank you so much Love. :)Chris

thank you so much I love the gifts:)

thank you so much:) Very kind Much love Chris

Ooh I can't spell lol I meant love your Diva on my last post also love her on this one as well. Love the dress and silver is one of my favorites. Absolutely gorgeous. Have a great evening. :)

Thank you so much:)

thank you so much.....love the items:)

Love you diva she is fantastic and gorgeous. Thank you for visiting my profile and rating my albums as well. Have a safe and great week. :)

Hi there! Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my guestbook! Your diva is also gorgeous :) Hope you have a great day!

Indeed she was! Haha, great eye, glad somebody noticed! I actually to do up the glove myself, was kind of a pain to get the fit right but sooooo worth it to be able to make that doll lol. The Countess is my favorite~ Awesome to see a fellow AHS fan on here! 💕💕

Hello, I just had the pleasure of rating your lovely album.

thank you so much:)

Thank you so much!! One cake was enough...lol :)

Beautiful doll <3

Welcome to Bela & Mode! :D

thank you for the wishlist gift! Your doll is so pretty :)

Welcome to Bela and Mode! The women in the guild are amazing I hope you love it !!

Welcome to Bela and Mode! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :D

Hi, Thank you for the Wishlist gift, Have a wonderful day :)

Thank you so much 😊. I looked at my doll after reading your comment and you are so right, she does look like J-Lo :). Your diva is absolutely breathtaking 😍