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About Me

I am going to start a daily "Rant Blog" on top of
this "About Me" section. Every day or two, I will
post something (good or bad) about what I am
thinking about this day (on DC or in RL).
When I make my next daily post, I will put the
previous days post at end of this section (some
I might delete), then erase at 1st of the following
month, so maybe some of you can get to know
me! And...here I go!


June 15/18

Weird, so I'm in a non-rant mood lol. How fkn
insane is that? Don't answer that. lol.

Look at me ^^^
Wtf is this? Lack of sleep makes me silly.
I mean just look at this sh#t lol freaking
baking & wearing a SMILE on my face lol.

Usually I'm like this:

LOL faaak, I am so boring when I am not
hating. So sorry, I don't have anything
mean to say...so enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm gonna go now & play with my kitties &
smile like a clown lol.

DON'T WORRY! Metal B&tch Barbie will be
back tmrw, I'm sure of it!

Laterz F@kahs lol



May 29, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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Jun 13, 2018
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June 7, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Hi, I'm from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada!

You know what is weird but so cool? Candy_Cane
not only lives in same place as me, but like literally
down the road! I can't wait to meet you!

I'm so happy to be a part of Battling Bombshells!

Jenna...you ARE amazing & I am honored to
be in your guild! Great diva's! You & Chris
make playing this game more fun than I thought
it would be, especially if I was playing solo.
I didn't think I was going to want to be in one
at first, but now I cannot imagine playing
all alone. Great benefits to encourage
participation, very generous & rewarding.
Not only that, I've made some real friends
who aren't just internet or gamer friends!

So......a lil about me...

I'm literally THE definition of a crazy cat
lady lol. I have only 2 kittehs unfortunately :(
I don't know what I'd do without my babies,
Joey & Stormy.

Which brings me to my ultimate dream!
To own a farm, where I can't see any
neighbors & the driveway to my cabin home
is so far from the road, you cannot see it.
On this farm I want to rescue all the cats &
kittens at the SPCA & anywhere else they have
these lil fluffy fur balls that I can smoochie
wooch all day long. I also want goats! I LOVE
goats! Omg if you get the chance, check out
"Goats in Pajamas" on Youtube lol!
It's monster hilarious & so cute! Of course
I'm gonna want some dogs, not just because
I love all animals, but I will want them to
protect me & my property. Plus they're a good
judge of character & can sense things we may
not be able to until it is too late. And last but
not least, I want a cow lol that's right, 1 cow.
Why? Idk lol, they're cute.
Also, do not worry, my animals on the farm
will be my pets, I will not eat them haha.

You all must think I'm a nutjob...well, you're
right. I'm certifiable & proud! It makes for
great entertainment, so I'm told lol. I find if
I'm not laughing, I'm crying. Speaking of...

LMFAO, I have the rudest, raunchiest,
borderline inappropriate humor, I'm fkn
hilarious lol. I also have an extremely
dirty mouth & my fave word is
"c u next tuesday" haa. I'm a big fan of
f*%#ery at its finest as well.

I have A.D.D. which means my life is pure chaos,
& that is on a good day...yikes!

I'm a huge gamer, in addition to this game &
another fashion game, I play Mob Wars &
mostly killing/fighting games.
I'm known for my aggressive game play
& have a lovely following of haters...
pls get in line.

If my friends on these other games knew I'm a
closet fashionista, they'd never let me live it
down lol...shhh!!

My fave music is heavy metal, PANTERA is my
favorite! Too many to list & although I'm a
metal barbie, I do like some rap/hip hop.
G-Eazy is my current go-to for that genre.

I love the rain & light up when I see clouds in
the sky the same way most ppl do when they
see the sun out. My doctor insists I take
vitamin D, as I clearly must be a vampire.
Well I told him, if maybe I got the "D" once
in awhile, maybe I wouldn't need to see him
so often LOL.

I prefer night time to days because well, all
the fktards are sleeping & this increases the
chances of me NOT having to throat punch
someone lol. It's really a benefit to the mass
public population that I remain sleeping during
the day.

Other faves include: the smell of the ocean,
tattoos, tacos, bacon, yogurt, swearing, kids,
Mob Wars, skulls, concerts & generally just being
silly & immature.

"You can try to dirty my name but I'll wear your
hate like war paint" Madalyn Beck


June 2/18

It is a new month!!! Hopefully this means
bye-bye Candy Prom!! Super sick of it. It
was a fun theme...for the first week. Then
I just wanted to throttle anyone wearing that
sh%t. Ffs.

Change your clothes ppl! For the love of
cheese whiz, pls, I beg of you, change your

I must say though, a good majority of you
have switched out of your well worn candy
dresses or ur matching cutsie lil lets all buy
same dress, but which color you buy? Oh
goodie, I'm gonna buy the orange one tee
hee were so cute. Blah...Gag.

But those...faces. OMFG!! Idk if your lazy or
really think it looks good. I've got a P.I. on it.

Now, that we've got this dress issue out of the
way (kinda), lets talk about the face...

Between the 1000's of faces, tattoos, & props,
ect, it shouldn't be hard for you to find just
even one damn face GOD!!

If anyone here needs some tips...or links to
pretty faces, feel free to msg me. I will lead
you to the proper place where there are quite
lovely faces, then I don't have to throw up
while looking at the ladder. Lol. j/k
(remember, my lawyer says I must write
j/k ALWAYS!).

Maybe some of you are wondering why me
and my posse didn't have Fugly Face & Where
What Everyone Else Is Friday. Well, you are in
luck!!! We moved it to today, because well,
we haven't gone to bed yet & though
technically it is Saturday right now, it isn't to
us until we sleep then wake up. The new
tradition will continue. We will be displayed
in the Battle Lounge any minute now.

This is how we feel on Fugly Face Friday:

And last but not least...a BIG shout out to
those who aren't afraid to be different despite
the sh%t votes. Love you guys! We are
slowly gonna change the game.

So kisses dahlings, we will talk tmrw!

LMFAOOO! Just KIDDING!! Damn lawyer.


June 3/18

It's funny how jealous a lot of you are lol.
Voting the fugly faced clothes matching clearly
not creative dolls high % cuz us who actually
have pretty faces & individuality in our
wardrobe intimidate you.

So go ahead & hate pls, it only means were
better than you. My friends & I have come
to the conclusion that most (not always though)
lower % dolls are the best. That's right.

Idk if it is cuz your old a$$ & just don't get
fashion at all, therefore you really are
delusional in thinking those faces n bless
your lil hearts, all matching outfits look #1.

And the love we got for just trying to be
like you's LOL! Oh wow, didn't like us showing
what we see day in & day out huh? Hahaha
well now you know how us beautiful ones feel
looking at those faces n outfits (no disrespect
to the creators of these lovely dresses, it is
nothing to do with that & has everything to
do with how desperate some are to be a
sheep & copy everyone else,).

Buckle up buckaroos, you've been OWNED!
Keep imitating, but all you are doing is looking
retarded & desperate to fit in with the other
fuglies, not to mention, making it so that us
who like these outfits, but won't buy them cuz
you all wear same sh#t sometimes for days or
weeks & the thought of one day buying that
dress loses out on potential sales cuz you
literally wear the f$ck outta them. Way to
go ladies!! So funny. Poor lil sheep. Can't
be yourselves because you don't have your
own personality. Sigh...such a shame.

So whether you're old, delusional (pls pick
your meds up, your pharmacist called & said
they're ready), jealous, copycats or fake a$$es,
pls know how we sit around & make fun of the
fact were not sure if you really do think you
look good & voting us down makes you look
better, it doesn't. We feel sorry for you.

Well, that is all I will say for now. I'm actually
going to start a website on this subject. LOL
joking (lawyers..sigh). Take care & try not to
have a hernia while your following what
everyone is doing lol.


XOXO Love Kitten <3


June 5/18

Hey b#tches!! Still hatin' today, & yesterday.
LOL, I've really been watching who gets the
votes, who never does, who changes their
clothes, who runs out n matches everyone
else cuz ur such imaginative lil weasels lol.

I was fully warned that some of y'all were
petty, & the voting makes as much sense as
ur silly ugly faces do.

At first I thought u guys were blind voting.
Now I think u deliberately vote for who isn't
ur competition & not vote the ones that can
give u a ride lol. I look several times a day
and see which ones are higher in %. Not
always, but most the time, the ones with high
scores are ratchet at best why is everyone
hating on the #1 dollie? I & my friends have
to make up for ur hate by ensuring she gets
all our votes regardless of who she is up

Ladies, this is NOT high school. I'm pretty
sure some of u are old enough to be my
mother...or grandmother lol. You're conniving
ways are at a maturity level of a 12 yr old,
well u know what? If u can act like ur 12,
I will one up u and act like I'm 10 yrs old.
I am not above stooping as low as some of u.
Challenge accepted.

Take note, those pretty lil things ur jealous of?
We are gonna do our damndest to make sure
they get the love they deserve.

LMAO, cya in the battle lounge. Silly fuglies...
it isn't Friday lol.


June 8/18

Well, well, well...another new day filled with
fugly faces & matching outfits lol. This is
getting old really fast ladies!

LOL I'm kinda joking, I love ranting & some
(actually a lot) of you give me daily material
to rant on.

Is it really that hard to find a pretty face??
Idk how many nightmares I've had since
starting this game. I found pretty faces in
no time & even the ugly faces, if you buy
tattoos or glasses for these fugly faces, can
look gorgeous! It's simple as that. Sloppy
ladies, sloppy.

Pls stop drinking ladies, you're going to
become alcoholics if you aren't already.
Pls Pls stop. This is you when picking the
faces for your dollies...

Hahaha Oh lordy, don't get me started on
the matching outfits!! Why? To match your
fugly faces? Sigh...I will never understand
this strange phenomenon.

Again...be different, be daring, be yourself.
On the other hand, maybe don't. Then wtf
will I rant about?

BTW did y'all pick up your prescriptions? Your
mental health is being questioned. Lol.

I love you all, I get a good giggle & lots of
gossip for my friends & I lol.

Hahaha just kidding!

Keep it up, you can't make this sh#t up,
I swear!


June 12/18

WOW!! You ppl are brutal haters at night!
Pacific time between 12am and 5am'ish).
You can't drag me down, I'm too much better
than you...you know who you are, I'm sure
you watch my page...STALKER.

Dirty dirty voters. Lol, well give yourselves a
fkn trophy cuz of you guys, I now blind vote.
4 clicks on the left, 4 clicks on the right.
Unfortunately, I'm not sure who my haters are.
I will keep an eye out for who looks green from
envy lol.

But, it is just a game, and this here, is just me
ranting, cuz I like being a b#tch lol. Too bad
you will never be me, awww poor cows.

Oh my God!! I betcha I can guess what half of
you will be wearing today lol! I'm sure you
know already, there are new dresses out and
I'm sure you all are going to collaborate to
ensure you don't all wear same color LOL.
I noticed 3 of you in a row the other day lol
were copying me & my bad b#tches?
Pls don't, you will never be us.

That is us...making fun of you lol. ^^^^

This is you guys...

LOOOOOOOL omg I'm so hilarious lol.

Ciao biatches, don't trip on one another racing
to get that dress in pink lol or maybe you
should choose green....


June 14/18

Is it just me, or does anyone else who gets
DOTD one day, & the next day they're hatin'

I especially find the night time b#tches the
most hateful (I am Pacific Time). So...Either
night owls like moi, or they're somewhere
other than North America. Sheesh, does it
really hurt that bad??

I mean...just look at you lol

I will ALWAYS be better than you at playing
high school, so go ahead, get your lil green
dollies out n just try to bring me down.
You won't win. Why?
Because I although I'm beautiful, I like to
get dirty sometimes. Haaa!

LOL I really hope y'all know I'm joking,
(not really lol) because you fine cows make
it too easy for me smh lol. But know this, I
keep an eye out for who is online at what is
considered my night time. It would be such a
pity if you fell off your unicorn!!

Lmao! I'm hilarballs!

Have fun LADIES! Kisses!!


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Congrats DOTD

Congrats on DOTD !!! I love your divas :)

Congrats on your super lovely doll! So classy! WTG

congrats on DOTD

Congrats on DOTD!

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Congrats On A Beautiful DOTD!!! :)

Congrats on yet another DOTD win!!! Awesome!!!

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Thank you so much for the votes & congrats!!

Congrats on another awesome DOTD

Happy for you! Congratulations!


Congratulations on back to back dotd!

Congrats on dotd

Congrats! Gorgeous DOTD :)

Congrats on DOTD.

Congratulations On doll of the day!

Congratulations on DOTD!!!:)

Congrats on another great DOTD!

congrats on DOTD!! awesome!!

Wow another DOTD!! Way to go sister! (:

wow 2nd in a row wtg Congrats on DOTD

Congrats !!

Congrats on your 2nd DOTD! You're on a roll!

WTF is going on??

Thank you!

Congrats DoTD

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Congrats on DOTD awesome


Congrats on DOTD I love that outfit....

You’re more than welcome sweet lady! You deserve it. That diva is gorgeous!

FMOTW is featured member of the week. Lol

I earned enough points in my guild... so...here I am, FMOTW. Haha!

Have an awesome week!

Congrats on DOTD!

Congratulations on DOTD!

Congrats on DOTD!!!

Wow, is that you on the front page...look at you DOTD...Congratulations!!!

Congrats on your very cute DOTD!




Love your diva Lisa. See you thursday

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Hey thanks for the comment on my album, your diva is beautiful.I like your page I see you have a lot to say.I agree with you about the voting where friends and Guilds vote for each other to win. I can see that's how most win , I thought mostly adults were playing the game but it doesn't seem to be the case.I believe in voting honest. I wouldn't let my friend walk around looking a mess and telling her she looked good anyways,nor would I want my friend to vote for my doll that is not the best looking one just because we are friends.Well have a great day.


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