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We used to play with paper dolls when kids, now she joined DC, my sister, her username is Lety :)

Note: I am not hiding my outfit info on purpose, the touch screen is playing games with me!


Album ratings: if you rate my album, pls do tell :)

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admin surprise:
*~*Thank you for being a loyal voter. 100 golden tickets have been credited to your account*~*

Jul 18, 2012
Congratulations, the public thinks your diva is HOT!! As a result you receive 122 hotpoints, 124 moolah, 97 style and 2 coins. This includes a bonus of 50 hotpoints and 50 style because you were unanimously voted Hot! The final score was Hot: 62 | Not: 0.
kinda hard to get a perfect vote :o

I am a voter and I vote fair in battles! It's the most unique, catchy, fabulous diva out of two who gets my vote. Sometimes it's hard tho, as there are a lot of gorgeous divas.
Every diva is beautiful in her own way, besides NOT votes are and were always here, not everyone thinks alike..
And to put all voters into the same boat is just plain rude. Thank you.

BATTLES: not battling much, cuz no time. When in a battle mood, I just go down the online users list and send requests to everyone online, and I do that a few times per day. I don't check your outfit and I don't check battle results. If you think my battle request is unfair, feel free to decline it.
I accept all battles, unless I'm in progress of changing my dollie outfit.

Aug 25 kasiopeya is featured in the Showcase as Biggest Battler.

My first trophy win yay ^.^
Aug 18, 2011 Admin Battle Ladder
Congratulations, you finished rank 2 in the battle ladder! Your winnings have been credited. Good luck in the next season.
Position Username Score Won Lost Tied
2 kasiopeya 1207 559 543 73
2 kasiopeya 1509 623 441 81

And what a surprise yay my 1st DOTD! Thank u all 4 voing my dollie :)
Aug 28 kasiopeya has been voted Doll of the Day!
Aug 28, 2011 Admin Doll of the Day
Congratulations! You have been selected as Doll of the Day! Your doll will be featured on the home page of the site all day. Make sure you look good! :)
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for the gift!

How are you

Rated your beauties in your album. You have a flare for putting together awesome divas. Have a wonderful week.

Thank you so much for all of the gifts!! <3

hey beautiful friend! Thanks so much for your kind wishes! you helped make it a very happy b-day :) Big hugs!

Woman, it's crazy, I was 40 pages behind in your album! Will you ever get caught up? LOL HUGS!

thx hun i appreciate it, your doll looks bee u tif ful! oxxo

It was a lot of catching up to do on your beautiful album!
have a great week.

guess it's time to go to sleep as I unintentionally deleted all comments :O

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