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My newest DivaChix hobby: Using the Kon Mari method on my wardrobe. I keep asking, "do these items bring joy to my diva?"

I've been playing off and on for years. I'm back to playing for now.

I'll forever remember 6/27/2011 as the day voters actually liked me.
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It was a treat rating your album! Such gorgeous dolls.

oooh my Jen! Hello! Would love to catch up with you

Thanks for the sweet comment. Must say my heart has been hurting most of the time these past months.:(

You are more than welcome! Enjoy. :*

Glad to see you stopped around again! You've been missed!:)

lmbo @ your about me. Congrats on beating me at bingo :P
I love your cute diva! ♥

Thank you sooo much, Jen! Love you <3

Awwwww! It's so nice to see you around! Hope life has been kind and good to you!:D

jendawn is Hippie Sistas Featured Member! She is our newest member and is already at work on tasks! This week she earned 2032 vote points, 186 hot points and 29 battle wins! Great start!

Awww you're back! So glad to see you but so sorry I lost you!:(

Jennnn! Hey, my love!!! So good to see you! Yayyy for DC working on your phone lol. Please catch me up with what's new in your life. :)

Thank you, thank you!

LOL! Of course you can come back. :D And YESSSS I remember you!:D

Jennn!!! Cant wait to catch up! *hugs*

Thank you! Love your new album entries too. Different and wonderful as always. Hope you're having a great weekend!

Whoa! Saw a green light by your name! You've been missed and I hope school has been going well! So happy to see you again!

YAY! Back to play or just for a visit? Missed you! Nice to see your light green!8D

Hi! I am ok. How have you been? Good to hear from you again :)

Have a good semester, Jen! I'll miss you

thanks so much! your so sweet. I saw you had rated some of my dolls and just wanted to return the favor :)

haha thanks!

Thanks for your recent purchases at FINDERS KEEPERS. I appreciate your business and hope you will visit again soon.

Enjoyed catching up on your doll album. You've got some great looks there.


Thank you! I'm happy to find your album, too. I enjoyed rating your dolls very much. You have a great sense of colour. All beautiful, unique combinations!

I responded to your thread in the battle forum!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Love the new album rating process. It's so much easier now! I was able to get caught up on your lovely album!

Also, I wanted to thank you for shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS in July! Hope you will come again soon!!


thanks, I missed out on seeing your ugly doll :( I am bummed LOL

LOL this doll is gorgeous!

hiya ..omg u rememberd me :) a big hello xxx

Popped over to rate your album...I've enjoyed battling ya as well! Always enjoy a fellow battler and our battles seem to be so close most of the time!! Absolutely loved your Sassy doll in your album! Hope you have a wonderful day!

thanks...and your diva is GOREGOUS!!!! =)

thanks for shopping and wow wow I love your doll!!!!!!

Whoa! I LOVE this doll!LOL She's exquisite! I also love rating your incredible doll album! What a treat! And congrats on the battle ladder!

Wow! Didn't realize you placed on the battle ladder. Congrats!!! :D

It's alright no worries!
Btw beautiful doll!

lol ok i wont change it and thanks for ratin gmy album appreviate it!

lol...maybe i should change that lol....i keep putting ads for my shop in cause i want to get 500 coins so that i can upgrade my shop.....but ya i need to put new things in but i am really busy cause i am moving house this weekend

yup I saw it and as long as hubby doesn't hog the computer all day (saturdays are his regular days off so he is on the computer more on that day, I hate sharing LOL) I plan to do it!
We have a good number of people interested in theme days and I want to do them as regular battles so as not to take points away from our guilds and some are not in guilds...I cannot wait I hope enough people follow through and join it!

I posted an ad for theme day for ALL members...if you are interested its in the event discussion forum under battle discussions...not sure if that is the right place to put it, I never know where to post anything in the forums!
I am hoping we can get a group to sign up for this, it would be fun!

thats probably why they are number one. she said we can join in if we want but I feel weird since it is their guild.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the Chief Seattle quote! Another that brings me great comfort is "There is no death, only a change of worlds." Osiyo - Be blessed!

very nice! that theme day was in the DUC part of the forum and I didn't even realize it but we really do need to get a group together and do a theme day once a week!

there is a post and poll in the forums about doing theme battles...you should check it out...I would love to do these again!

HAHA that is why I bought them, I want to see what you come up with!!

Thanks and thanks for the challenges too! Love your doll! :)

OMG I miss the bikini and ugly battles!!! I think we should do days like that again that would be so much fun!!!
I especially miss the ugly battles!

love your doll!!!!!

Thank you! Your doll is Beautiful!!

Love your doll!
Have a great day!
God bless you!!

I love your dollies! Thanks for rating my album and the lovely comment!

i really agree thx for ur honest opinion live ur outfit thxs again