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Happy Birthday my sweet friend.
I hope you have a wonderful day and may you have many more to come

Tina ♥

Happy Birthday!

Stopping by to say Hi.

thanks for making new stuff for an older doll, i love that!!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! HUGS!

I stop by to do some shopping and while I was here rated your album : )

Happy Birthday Aryanna and have a great day!

I know I am almost 2 weeks late, but I hope you had a lovely Hanukkah.

Happy birthday

Hi imnoangell99,

How are you my sweet friend?
I sent you a mail here on DC.
Have a wonderful day my sweet friend.


Happy Birthday Ary!!! :)
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday Ary and have a great day! Things are looking up and I'm so happy for you!

Happy Birthday!

Lovely diva :)

Hi imnoangell99,

How are you my sweet friend?
I rated your latest yet beautiful dolls in your album.
Have a wonderful night my sweet friend.


I caught up on your beautiful doll album!!

I rated your beautiful doll album!!

thank you for all your hard work this week with the guild :)

thanks for the shopping spree hehe, enjoy ur gifts :)

Hey! Just stopped by to thank you for shopping at FINDERS KEEPERS and to check out some of your wonderful doll album!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ary! Have a wonderful day!

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!! Hope you have an awesome birthday, with lots of fun and CAKE!!!!!!!! :D

Love and Hugs,
Carlie :D

Thanks for Shopping at Joe Cool’s Hot Shoppe!

Thank You Comments

loved your GW entry x


Thanks for being such a great FINDERS KEEPERS customer! I appreciate it!

Enjoyed catching up on your great doll album. :)

Loved your Guild War entry! It was super cute.

Stopped by to tell you that I loved your GW entry! Great take on the theme!

Came by with some fame and rates. Hope your week is going well.

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Happy Birthday to YOU!!!! :D :D
Carlie :D

thank you for shopping at ~ Guilty Pleasures ~! :)

Gorgeous diva! Have a wonderful week. Sent you a little something in case you missed any of Steph's Advent calendar :)

Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! :D
Carlie :D

(―`•.•΄―) (―`•.•΄―)
`•.Έ.•΄your doll iz so fashonable:)

Thank you :)

dang! your GW entry was da bomb!

OMG is the hair in your shop named after me!?

belated Happy Birthday!

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pretty diva

Fantastic look you got going on! I love it! :)

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€ Ί° €`•.Έ.•΄ € Ί° € € Ί° € *`*`*
Thanks for shopping at LaughingGrrl's Lounge!!

Thankyou for shopping at marys-style shop,hope you come again, ******fame beautiful diva***********x

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You are a valued customer. Please visit my shop again! :)

Gorgeous. xx

Thanks for shopping at TMD! :D

Love this dark beauty! ~F*A*M*E~ for you and your Diva today! :)