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Lovely to see you here.

My name is Zee. I am 20 years old and from Australia!

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Hi guild sister :D welcome to Bela and Mode
Beautiful doll

Love this doll!

just wanted to lyk your doll looks amazing today :)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Wish big!

Thank you! :D Your doll looks fabulous too! <3

Hope your out celebrating an awesome birthday cake. :)

Love your username, and your doll :)

Thank you for my wishlist gifts!! :)

Welcome to the KB family!

Hi sweetie, I'm glad you joined the Karmic Beauties. I hope you have a lot of fun with our guild.
Blessings friend :)

You're very welcome.

Welcome to Angelic Beauties, thank you so much for joining us, very happy to have you xx

Great looking diva! I'm mesmerized by her werewolf eyes

Welcome to our Twisted Family! (:

So this beauty is yours. Nicely done. Welcome back. Put this beauty in HON she would do great.:)

Have a great trip and enjoy the holidays. See you when you get back online.:)

Your doing an awesome job at being a joyful member. Congats on FMOTW.xoxo

Welcome to the Victorious Vixens. Glad you joined in the fun and you just in time to enter GuildWar. If you have any questions let me know.xoxo

Love the color combination! :D
Have a great day!

thank you for being friends (:

Yeah thank god you found me xD
I was alone for quite a while and it's lonely ;-;

Thank you for your generosity! I appreciate it so much:)
It will help out alot.


Thanks for shopping at The Flame!
Hope you have a day filled with TONS of
~Dee :)

Thank you so very much for gift xxxx :)

Welcome to the Angelic Beauties guild! So pleased to have you with us.

Carley xx

Your welcome!

Thank you for the kind donation:)
Hope you do great in your events and have a good day!