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** Attention players whose accounts are less than SIX months old: There is a contest in the forums. We are offering some pretty good prizes. Check out the current one at Contests > Newbie Competitions.

They are flash games and so do not require a big wardrobe or main site experience. But they do give moolah and coins (last week the winner also got a color exclusive). And the person with the most points for the month gets a gift card to a User Shop.
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To make coins and moolah, I vote. I turn in my loyalty points for a lottery ticket and golden tickets. Cash in my golden tickets. Repeat. (See more ways in the Coins tutorial and Moolah tutorial.)

I encourage everyone who wants to know more about Diva Chix to browse the Tutorials section on the forums (also can look under the Help menu above).
I deleted and will delete all the glittery and animated gifs from my guestbook (or any that I think are glittery and animated). If you change my computer cursor with code on your profile or you have an animated background on your profile, I will not visit to give you fame. No offense intended and it isn't personal.

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There is a good chance you and I will have different tastes. That does not mean I don't like you.
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My goodness, thank you so much for the gift! It's very much appreciated darlin!! That made my whole day x

Hi!! I love your doll so much!

Thank you for gift, much appreciated. :)

hey ;)

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Thank you, I see you love the shop designs also.☺

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and messages my sweet friend I really appreciate it.

Tina ♥

Fame back to you <3

I love your dolls

your welcome :-)

Happy birthday enjoy your day!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday!!! :D

Happy Happy Birthday Liz!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)
Love and Hugs!
Carlie :D

Happy Birthday! :D

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Liz!! :)

Happy Birthday Liz and I hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday!!! :)(:

Happy birthday!

I love your diva, she is so cool!

Thank you for the rates. Rated your current dolls in return

How have you been?

Thanks so much for the fame. I have not been on much my Mom passes away and its been hard. Thank you for stopping by my profile.

Fame for you

Thank you for adding me as a friend.

Thank you for stopping by my profile I apologize this took so long to answer back my son helps me vote when I can't and he didn't let me know you visited. Anyway I love your album and current diva I absolutely love that you use the mall body. It's very refreshing and you have great style. Have a great and safe weekend. :)

Dropping the fame back off! Beautiful diva! xD

Thank You for the visit. Happy 4th of July :D

Hi there! Thanks for the comment! Returning the favour :) Lovely diva! Hope you have a nice evening!

Thank you and have a great week!

Thanks it is good to be back! Great Album!!

Stopping by to look at your new beauties. Plus to show some love to your page. Big Hugs Much Love.

Ah thanks for the fame! Here's some for you! :D

Stopping by to say hi :) hope you are having a great day!

Thanks for the fame, here's some for YOU!! :)
Carlie :D

Thank you for stopping by! Love your diva!

Wonderful, thank you! Always love looking at your new outfits! :)

Yay! thank you :)

Thank you so much! Stopped by to return the favor and rate some of your gorgeous dolls!!

Thank you so much......:)

Thank you for stopping by :) Your dollies are gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by I left you some fame as well.

Thanks for gifting me with Fame.
What a sweet way to Surprise me. LOL!

Thank you for stopping by my page! Your doll is very styligh and lovely.
I found the tutorials you link in your profile to be very informative.
Have a nice day!

Hey Hey stopping by to show love to your page, and to say have a great week. Big Hugs Much Love.

Hi!! Rated your beautiful dollies!! :)

Thank you :)

Happy Memorial Day. Big Hugs Much Love.

Beautiful dolls x

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